Currently living and working in Japan, Chris specialises in Japanese games.

Chris's Latest Reviews

 - Nintendo 3DS Wii U Gaming

Does the removal of motion controls in this HD release allow Twilight Princess to be fully appreciated?

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 - Nintendo 3DS Wii U Gaming

Is The Huntsman: Winter's Curse on PlayStation 4 more a case of the hunter or hunted? Cubed3 finds out...

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 - Nintendo 3DS Wii U Gaming

The first prequel in the Yakuza series finds our protagonists living large in the 1980s, but how does it compare with previous efforts?

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Chris's Latest Previews & Hands-On

 - Nintendo 3DS Wii U Gaming

Chris travelled to Tokyo Game Show 2016 in Japan and spent some quality time with Kiryu in the upcoming Yakuza 6.

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Chris's News Posts

Title Date Comments
Zelda 30th Anniversary Review | The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD (Wii U)23.12.20161
Preview | Ryu ga Gotoku 6: Inochi no Uta (PlayStation 4)23.09.20166
Review | The Huntsman: Winter's Curse (PlayStation 4)15.09.20163
Review | Ryu ga Gotoku 0 (PlayStation 4)16.05.20163
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