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Nayu is one of Cubed3's newest recruits - a breath of fresh air in the team. She is an avid gamer, in-depth book reviewer, exceptional writer, queen crocheter, as well as being a champion craft & life blogger.

Expect great things to come!

Nayu's Latest Reviews

 - Nintendo 3DS Wii U Gaming

Get your camera ready, it is time to explore the world of TOEM!

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 - Nintendo 3DS Wii U Gaming

Walk on knights' cloaks to safely reach the goal without noble feet getting dirty!

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 - Nintendo 3DS Wii U Gaming

Use your Chosen One powers, to save the universe from destruction!

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 - Nintendo 3DS Wii U Gaming

Enjoy being an amnesiac hero, rebuilding the world after it is saved.

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 - Nintendo 3DS Wii U Gaming

Prepare yourself to save two souls, and ultimately the world.

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Nayu's Latest Features

 - Nintendo 3DS Wii U Gaming

Cubed3 recently caught up with developer Stone Lantern Games to discuss its Evergate project.

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Nayu's Latest Previews & Hands-On

 - Nintendo 3DS Wii U Gaming

Discover exclusive information about Natsume Inc's upcoming game ConnecTank for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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 - Nintendo 3DS Wii U Gaming

Exclusive details about the upcoming Harvest Moon title, Harvest Moon: One World.

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 - Nintendo 3DS Wii U Gaming

The popular alchemist Ryza is back for a second adventure!

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Nayu's News Posts

Title Date Comments
Review: TOEM (Nintendo Switch)07.10.20210
Review: Puddle Knights (Nintendo Switch)15.09.20210
Review: QV (Nintendo Switch)28.08.20210
Review: Littlewood (Nintendo Switch)26.08.20210
Review: Ruinverse (Nintendo Switch)25.08.20210
Review: Dragon Star Varnir (Nintendo Switch)24.08.20210
Review: Liege Dragon (Nintendo Switch)19.08.20210
Review: Cozy Grove (Nintendo Switch)15.08.20210
Review: Calico (Nintendo Switch)12.08.20210
Review: Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (PlayStation 5)15.07.20212
Review: YesterMorrow (Nintendo Switch)10.07.20210
Review: Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin (Nintendo Switch)07.07.20212
Review: Asdivine Cross (Nintendo Switch)01.07.20210
Review: Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World28.06.20210
Review: Hide and Dance (Nintendo Switch)21.06.20212
Review: Sumire (Nintendo Switch)20.06.20211
Preview: ConnecTank (Nintendo Switch)26.05.20210
Review: Falcon Age (Nintendo Switch)16.05.20210
Review: Atelier Mysterious Trilogy Deluxe Pack (Nintendo Switch)22.04.20210
Review: Balan Wonderworld (PlayStation 4)31.03.20214
Review: Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town (Nintendo Switch)25.03.20211
Review: Azur Lane: Crosswave (Nintendo Switch)24.03.20210
Review: Harvest Moon: One World (Nintendo Switch)23.03.20211
Review: Marenian Tavery Story: Patty and the Hungry God (Nintendo Switch)02.03.20210
Preview: Ender Lilies (PC)02.03.20213
Review: Gods Will Fall (Nintendo Switch)02.03.20211
Review: Neptunia Virtual Stars (PlayStation 4)23.02.20210
Preview: Harvest Moon: One World (Nintendo Switch)16.02.20211
Review: Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet (Nintendo Switch)11.02.20210
Review: PGA Tour 2K21 (PC)11.02.20210
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