Renan Fontes

An avid-lover of all things Metal Gear Solid, Devil May Cry, and pretentious French lit, Ren has beaten DMC3 on Dante Must Die at least five times, and is deathly terrified of what series Capcom and Konami are going to target next. 

Renan Fontes's Latest Reviews

 - Nintendo 3DS Wii U Gaming

Chaos, thy name is Deponia. The 2012 point and click finds new life on the PlayStation 4.

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 - Nintendo 3DS Wii U Gaming

Space is a lonely place when it's just you and your robot.

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 - Nintendo 3DS Wii U Gaming

Rich Uncle Pennybags bids farewell to the humble world of board games and makes his move towards the Nintendo Switch.

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 - Nintendo 3DS Wii U Gaming

UNO heads on over to the Nintendo Switch to offer some family-friendly card game fun.

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 - Nintendo 3DS Wii U Gaming

Do you have what it takes to Beat the Game?

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Renan Fontes's Latest Previews & Hands-On

 - Nintendo 3DS Wii U Gaming

Cubed3 waits down in the trenches for the next instalment in the Sudden Strike series.

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Renan Fontes's News Posts

Title Date Comments
Review: Chaos on Deponia (PlayStation 4)05.12.20171
Review: Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest (PC)04.12.20170
Review: Monopoly for Nintendo Switch (Nintendo Switch)02.12.20170
Review: UNO (Nintendo Switch)02.12.20170
Review: Beat the Game (PC)22.11.20170
Review: Batman: The Telltale Series (Nintendo Switch)14.11.20170
Review: Tiny Barbarian DX (Nintendo Switch)13.11.20170
Review: Light Apprentice (PC)08.11.20170
Review: Nioh: Complete Edition (PC)07.11.20175
Review: The Jackbox Party Pack 4 (Nintendo Switch)05.11.20171
Review: Don't Knock Twice (Nintendo Switch)17.10.20170
Review: Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth (Nintendo 3DS)16.10.20170
Review: Expand (PlayStation 4)06.10.20170
Review: Mushroom Wars 2 (PC)06.10.20170
Review: Destination Ares (PC)05.10.20170
Review: Pokkén Tournament DX (Nintendo Switch)25.09.20172
Review: Necrosphere (PC)22.09.20170
Review: Project CARS 2 (PlayStation 4)18.09.20174
Review: Semispheres (Nintendo Switch) 14.09.20171
Review: Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition (Nintendo Switch)12.09.20170
Review: Songbringer (PlayStation 4)04.09.20176
Review: Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana (PlayStation 4)29.08.20173
Review: Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition (PC)27.08.20172
Review: Chicken Wiggle (Nintendo 3DS)16.08.20173
Review: Team Racing League (PC)15.08.20170
Review: Sudden Strike 4 (PC)11.08.20171
Review: Namco Museum (Nintendo Switch)29.07.20172
Review: Cars 3: Driven to Win (Nintendo Switch)27.07.20170
Review: Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles (PlayStation 4)17.07.20174
Review: De Mambo (Nintendo Switch)10.07.20170
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