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At last...a Gaming PC!!

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After like a year of waiting, I finally got myself a new PC to replace my 17 inch HP laptop I have for 3.5 years now. I spent all of my savings for it in the end, so for now my funds for games will be pretty limited. It was about damn time for a replacement though and before I get some okay mid-range PC, I decided to pay a little extra to get a good Gaming PC. Nothing amazing or totally future-proof but a pretty decent machine nonetheless.

The most important specs are:

INTEL Core i5-3450 Overclocked @ 4,0GHz, Quad-Core "Ivy Bridge"
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 (Factory Overclocked, which brings it very close to the performance of the GTX 560 Ti)
- 8GB Kingston HyperX DDR3 RAM, 1600 MHz
- HITACHI Deskstar,  500GB, SATA 6Gb/s, 7200RPM

I originally had a similar, cheaper model with the only difference being a AMD FX Quad-Core @ 4,2 GHz instead of the i5-3450 in mind but after some research I was really turned off by how bad AMD's "Bulldozer" CPU series is in comparison. I plan on emulating as well and most emulators only use 2 cores, making it with its lower performance per core a much worse choice than the i5-3450, which I gladly paid more for. In total the PC cost €800 with free shipping. Since I was using a laptop, I also had to get a new monitor, a 23 inch FUJITSU 1920x1080 for €120.

Image for

I bought it from a small Austrian company called HI-TECH - Real Overclocked Gaming. They specialize in overclocked Gaming PC's, build each one as the order rolls in, test it for 24-hours on maximum performance, install Windows 7 and the newest drivers for you and optimise everything else there is, for no extra fee. Their employees are also passionate gamers, which is one reason why their customer service is so great (see below for more). On top of great prices, they offer free shipping all around Europe, which is something I never expected for a product like a PC.

Image for

Little interesting story about the case, I actually ordered it with a different one but they wrongly used a €24 more expensive case. I contacted their customer support immediately and they offered me a free Steam key for Borderlands 2 if I kept the more expensive case, without paying for the additional cost, of course. I haven't played much if it yet but I'm really liking it so far. Runs smoothly on maximum settings (haven't found a show FPS option though) and my PC is still as quiet as ever while running it. Loving the style too. Here's a screenshot I took:

Image for

Image for

This is my new setup. Much like before, I still want to be able to have both screens in my view at the same time, so this is perfect for me.

Needless to say, I'm very happy with my PC so far. How happy exactly? Well, I'll let you guess based on the comic below. In what phase are you guys right now?

Image for
Image for
Image for
Image for

PS: Contrary to how this might look, I'll still be primarily a console gamer because of Nintendo, exclusives and my favourite genre being JRPG's, which is certainly not very widespread on PC's. It's really nice to have all these options with another giant library of games available to me now though.

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Makes me want to get a PC.

A big monitor would be nice for my artwork and to be able to play games with better quality settings would also be nice, since I game a lot more on my laptop (more than consoles now, I think!).

Specs sound meaty! Nice Smilie Good ol' C3 on there too!

Marz - is your laptop fairly recent? If so, *maybe* consider getting a monitor first and outputting to that (dual screen or monitor only) - might be the middle step before getting a PC?

Then again if you're in need of a decent setup then it maybe the way to go!

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

I was just going to post in the C3 Issues topic that the feed links to blogs are a bit messed up on the new C3 and don't work but it seems you've already fixed them, jb. Smilie

That's a pretty good suggestion, jb. I hooked up my laptop to my monitor via HDMI just to test it and it worked great but because of my resolution, I didn't get it to fill the whole screen. Might be a way around that which I'm not aware of though.

Yep, I only got it just over a year back. A separate monitor is sounding like a decent option for now. Then I can always use that monitor for/if I ever get a PC in the future.

Not a bad machine at all. The only criticism is that you went with a 560 (is it the 'ti' version?) as it only comes with 1GB of vram. That will choke most games at full textures etc and cause stuttering. 

I take it you didn't build the machine? Pretty much for the fact that I don't recognize the case which means that it's bespoke to whichever company built the PC (could be wrong though)+ the price of the build itself is a little on the high side...

My current baby:

Image for

I've updated some of the cabling inside so it's all white, pretty and neat (I'm a cablemanagement whore)

Main Specs:

  • i5 2500K (3.5GHZ - small OC)
  • 8GB Corsair 1600MHz low profile RAM
  • 7870 2GB GPU X2 (Crossfire)
  • 750W Dark Power Pro Be Quiet PSU.
  • Corsair 550D Case
  • Crucial 64GB SSD (Boot Drive)
  • 1TB Seagate SATAIII HDD
Total finished price in the region of £1200 built in March. 

Machine is completely silent and it's still booting in 15-20 seconds with no slowdown at all thanks to the SSD! 

Sirlink, do I have you on Steam? Would love to take on the Borderlands with a fellow Minion! 

My Battlestation!

Image for

( Edited 11.10.2012 14:13 by Echoes221 )

I didn't build it myself as I have no actual experience in that field and I wouldn't have had any leeway when it comes to money in case I screwed something up. The case was developed by the shop I bought it from, so I'm not surprised you don't recognise it.

It is indeed just a GTX 560, which is good enough for me. A GTX 660 or something along those lines would have been nice but my budget didn't allow more than that unfortunately. My main concern was simply being able to play the most of the newest PC games at all and I can live with some settings not being as high as possible. Heck, the one I have was one of the cheapest models they are offering. They have some insane machines around and beyond your specs as well.

I do have a Steam account as of late, yeah. It's sirlinkoftime. I certainly wouldn't mind having a fellow minion to play BL2 with either. I'm only Level 15 on my first character though.

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