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My Stance on Full Price Games

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I don't usually buy big games straight away: it's always seemed slightly foolish considering they decrease in price dramatically, often only after half a year or so. Most of the best games I've played this generation came at a fraction of their launch price: Halo Reach was 12, Red Dead Redemption 15, LA Noire was 12.99, Forza 4 was also. But this year I've been sucked in by a few titles: the first of which was Assassins Creed 3. The biggest deal for me though is my other pre-order this side of Christmas, Halo 4. Halo is a series I've grown up with, and especially now reviews have started coming in - I'm getting ridiculously excited. I would definitely pay full price at launch for a Halo game, especially such an intriguing one as this: it's 343's first Halo (not counting anniversary) and it's the start of a new three game arch which will conclude on Microsoft's next generation platform. But I'm already regretting Assassins Creed 3 at 30 pounds. Why? Well, despite all it's technical accomplishments, I can't help feeling a bit duped by the hype (once more) - it seems like a great game, very ambitious, perhaps not quite fulfilling its potentially, especially given the annoying glitches and problems I have already encountered. But for me, the main reason is, I can't justify spending full price just to get an early look in, - I picked up Rage and Arkham City GOTY last week because I was bored on the internet: combined total of 32 quid. Both of those may be getting on, but they offer a hell of a lot of content and fun, for a fraction of the price. So far AC3 has kept the wrapping on those titles, and it is nice in some ways to be one of the 'first' consumers to play the game, but ultimately.. I think it's better to reserve only a few franchises for dedicated investment as soon as the game releases. All of this pre-ordering malarkey is just getting worse and worse! Sometimes I wonder whether this sort of attitude towards game-purchases is quite detrimental to the industry (only committing to certain titles) - but at the same time, when there's so much mindless repetition and reproduction - it also just a smart thing to do surely. Even with AC3, which claimed to be a complete re-fresh on the series, it still re-uses/rehashes many aspects of the previous games. 
Anyway, happy gaming everybody. It should be a busy week for those of us wielding 360/PS3s. Smilie 

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I feel largely the same way. Most games I'll wait and buy at half the price. I'm a patient guy. And I get to play more great games by buying them cheaper. If I have the option to buy three games for $60 or one game for $60, most times it's a pretty easy choice. That said, there are exceptions.

I will be buying Halo 4 on day one, and part of the reason is that so much of the fun of the Halo series is tied into the community experience. All of my friends will be buying it on day one and playing through the campaign in co-op. If I decide to go the cheap-ass route I save some money, sure, but I miss out on that shared experience because 6 months from now there's a decent possibility they'll have moved on to something else. I want to experience Halo 4 along with them.

I also bought Mass Effect 3 on day one. I could have gone without doing that, but I love the series enough and enjoyed the game enough that I really don't have any regrets about it. Same goes for Halo Reach. Enjoyed and still play it to this day from time to time, so I've got my money's worth.

Every other 360 game I own I bought used.

( Edited 04.11.2012 07:42 by Jacob4000 )

The only games I have ever bought at launch were Xenoblade Chronicles and Forza Motorsport 4, and there are no regrets in either of them. I'm looking to buy a PS3 next year to get some of the excellent first party titles they have to offer, like inFamous, Resistance and Jak, but even they will be bought used.

The only games in the future that I will buy at launch for full price will be the games that my friends will have early and may get bored with, similar to what Jacob4000 said. Besides Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition and Assassins Creed 3, that doesn't apply to any of the games I'm interested in on the Wii U, the Wii, the DS, 3DS, PS2 or PS3. I'd much rather be late on the hype train with an extra £30 in my pocket than jump on straight away and be broke for a while. That's why I love my Wii and it's ever expanding library of games, because it's very easy for me to pick up 5-7 games for the same price as a new Xbox 360/PS3 game.

Well yeah, you got it right there. I also hardly ever buy launch/full price games, anymore. About the only one I have this year was Black Ops II, simply because I love Treyarch's COD games so much, and if you don't join the online community from the get-go, you're left behind. Such a fan of Treyarch's efforts, that I bought the Hardened Edition for £65! Might seem like an epic waste of cash to some here, but you've got to understand that I played Black Ops 1 for nearly two years before I got rid of it. In contrast, I did get MW3, but only a couple months ago, and for a fiver off a mate!

I did get Doom 3 BFG pretty much at launch, for full-price on PSN. Other than that, all my games have been pre-owned purchases. Recently got Prototype 2 Limited Radnet Edition for under as score. All the DLC content still worked, even.

An upshot of this discussion is digital distribution, Stratty. In the future, you won't get those awesome 'old game' prices. Sad, but true.

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