Staff Blog | The Perils of Running a Video Game Website - Untrue Allegations Against Cubed3

Running and writing for a website or blog is one of the most rewarding things being part of the video game scene. Not satisfied with just playing, the increasing number of sites, blogs and video channels out there do it for one common reason: to share, inform and critique - most of which is free and in our own time.

With the traditional console industry being increasingly overshadowed by the looming mobile gaming market and print media on the decline, Nintendo and publishers need video game websites more than ever.

Writers spend hours playing through the latest games to air their thoughts in comprehensive reviews and articles. It's a passion and a never-ending desire to support the industry we believe in and it's great to see more new sites coming about every year.

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But why the sudden gush of emotion?

Behind the scenes Cubed3 has been in the spotlight this week for the wrong reasons. An anonymous tipster has been contacting certain publishers claiming that we have been selling review copies of games unplayed. As a result of these ridiculous allegations, it's of course caused concerns as to why we, as a website, should receive advanced previews of upcoming games.

It's incredibly damaging and hurtful to hear that these untrue allegations have come about; especially towards publishers we consider the top tier of the industry and have had a longstanding trust with.

Unfortunately it has caused some element of friction - with unsupported rumours unfortunately outweighing our reputation in some cases.

Because of this and the potential to spiral into an even bigger situation, I wanted to publicly acknowledge that Cubed3 has not sold unplayed new review games or hardware, period. The very thought is more off-putting than a night in Boo's mansion.

By looking deep into the review archives, I hope that it's clear that we aim to give the most through feedback as possible. A lot of funding also comes from our own pocket and not the income from Cubed3, which goes directly to maintaining the website.

There's nothing better than receiving a review copy of game to tear open the plastic, open the case and know that you're one of the first to play and that your feedback can help shape the promotion and even influence sales.

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Regardless of this we will still continue with our review coverage and I would like to personally thank our team for the hours put into testing and writing games both new and old.

I hope that fellow websites, blogs and of course readers can help support Cubed3 with this issue, and our decade of coverage will highlight to publishers that we're certainly not doing anything underhanded.

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Wow, jeez. I hope these allegations don't ruin c3's reputation. Honestly speaking, this is definitely one of the most trustworthy and respectful sites I've ever been on.

That's utterly shocking! Defend your castle JB!

Bloody ridiculous it had to come to this at all! I wonder why Publishers are even listening to this kinda thing; C3 is by and large one of the most trustworthy and genuine game sites I've ever come across. Keep on fightin' the good fight Jorge.

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

Surprising and disappointing that a smear job from an anonymous tipster carries any weight at all really.

C3 has always been top shelf. Really pathetic that anyone would bother listening to such unsupported allegations.

Cubed3 is made up of a great bunch of people. I would be shocked if it was discovered that Cubed3 was doing anything crooked.

Also, your Goomba looks like he has a cleft chin and it looks awesome.

TAG: That American Guy

"If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone." Romans 12:18

It's ridiculous that anyone would believe something like that.

It makes me think that it might be someone that they know and deal with regularly (like another website) that lends some weight to these unsubstantiated claims. It's unbelievable that they take this persons word.

Our member of the week

Could be that this little jester isn't anonymous at all to these publishers, but they just won't say who it was...

This is some serious business, if it's endangering our reputation, there could be legal consequences down the line. Aren't there any laws in the UK against defamation? Because that's clearly what it sounds like to me!

( Edited 10.12.2012 10:49 by RudyC3 )

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

I've only been a member for at least half of Cubed3's existence, but it's become a daily routine in my life to regularly check this website. Now I'm actually writing for Cubed3 and as mentioned in this blog, it's great knowing you're actually supporting the games industry.

I never thought such allegations would be made against Cubed3, it's one of the most honest and friendliest communities around, I can't see why publishers would believe such nonsense. If you read through the reviews fully, you can clearly tell that the person has actually played through that game.

I'm with you all the way on this one Jorge, hopefully this mess will get sorted out.

( Edited 10.12.2012 13:07 by Mush )

I myself find this appalling considering the amount of my (voluntary) spare time and money I've put into bringing reviews and other coverage to the site for over four years. These allegations are complete BS. 

Kudos JB, keep at it, and thank you for a wonderful site and opportunity!

Why would anyone even do such a thing? Not only to lie about something that hurts the site, but where did they even get the idea for it! It's not like these sort of things are worth the effort of conspiracy, can't see them gaining much for it.
So sad, whoever thought they had a case. Keep on fighting, kitt! 

I know this isn't the intent of the story (which I'm really sorry to hear about), but I was curious.

I noticed in the picture that all your Wii games have a green triangle in the bottom right corner of the spine. Does that mark indicate a review copy? Is there a difference between the green marks and the one red mark?

Sonic_13 said:
I know this isn't the intent of the story (which I'm really sorry to hear about), but I was curious.

I noticed in the picture that all your Wii games have a green triangle in the bottom right corner of the spine. Does that mark indicate a review copy? Is there a difference between the green marks and the one red mark?

It's a Nintendo Europe thing to indicate which languages the game uses.

all these comments fill me with happiness. Its wonderful to see you supporting each other. You're all lovely people! (-:

You are not alone. I am here with you. Though we're far're always in my heart. Love u!

Oh dear. :s

Don't worry JB, we're all behind you. Smilie

Hmm. Good to see there is some pitiful arsewipe out there willing to spread malicious lies and spit in the faces of C3's hard-working staff members, it gives the rest of humanity someone to look down at. I wonder how exactly they sleep at night.


Oh my...

I've been a member of this site for close to 7 years now, and I can honestly say that it is one of the most honest sites and has the most respectable members of any gaming site I have ever been on. 

I'm sorry to hear about this Jorge, and I'll help out in any way possible. Keep up the hard work! It really does show. 

Working like a fiend isn't very fun... and surprisingly isn't very fiendish either.
lenny (guest) 13.01.2013 16:51#18

That sucks because you work so hard and haters try to bring you down with lies. Keep up the good work!

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