Exclusive Video Game Developer Interviews

We sit down with video game developers and studios big or small to unravel development secrets, press for new projects and exclusive insights into a world of creative entertainment

Title Date Comments
Marvelous Talks Little King's Story (Nintendo Wii)10.01.201012
Renegade Kid Talks Dementium II (Nintendo DS)06.01.20104
Media.Vision on The Wizard of OZ (Nintendo DS)24.12.20091
WayForward Talks A Boy and his Blob (Wii)07.12.20091
Success Talks Windy x Windam (Nintendo DS)14.11.20093
Level-5 Discusses Professor Layton (Nintendo DS)09.11.20096
Dragon Quest Wars (Nintendo DS)06.11.20091
David Braben on LostWinds Wii and its Future02.11.20098
Tecmo on Again: Eye of Providence (Nintendo DS)01.11.20094
Mitchell Talks Sujin Taisen (Nintendo DSiWare)25.10.20094
Interview: Over The Top Games Discuss NyxQuest10.10.20096
Kenji Eno Talks Nintendo Support & More23.09.20098
David Crookes on Videogame Nation15.09.20091
CiNG on the Future of Another Code (Wii/DS)14.09.20094
Vogster Entertainment on Robocalypse WiiWare26.08.20093
Telltales of Monkey Island11.08.20095
Seeing Double: The Oliver Twins (Blitz Games Studios)31.07.20095
Neko Entertainment On Heracles Chariot Racing (WiiWare)28.07.20091
A Talk With Jon Hare11.07.20095
Ubisoft Developers Talk Red Steel 203.06.20096
Namco Bandai Talks Fragile (Wii), Sequel Planned?19.05.200921
High Voltage Talks The Conduit (Wii)08.05.200913
Killaware Talks Lux-Pain on Nintendo DS, Wants Sequels22.04.20095
Big Fish Talks Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir (Nintendo DS)31.03.20093
Bandai Namco Talks Tales of Hearts on Nintendo DS12.03.20098
Mekensleep Talks Soul Bubbles on Nintendo DS26.02.200916
Interview: Arkedo Talks Big Bang Mini on Nintendo DS15.12.20089
Interview: Intelligent Systems Talks Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon on DS05.12.200811
Interview: IGA-san Talks Castlevania Judgment on Nintendo Wii07.11.200816
Interview: Nintendo on Wario Land Wii, Keen on DS - Wants your Views!21.10.20084
Telltale Talks Strong Bad on Nintendoís WiiWare17.09.20086
Rare Talks Viva PiŮata on Nintendo DS & More04.09.20086
Kheops Talks Safecracker on Nintendoís Wii21.08.20082
Frontier Games Talks LostWinds on Nintendoís WiiWare05.08.20086
Bandai Namco: Do Nintendo Fans Want Taiko no Tatsujin DS in the West?23.07.200812
Hudson Talks About its WiiWare Line-Up11.07.20085
Camelot Talks We Love Golf; Nintendo DS Version Considered29.06.20087
Vitei Talks Theta on Nintendo DS, WiiWare & the Future18.06.20082
Hudson Talks Deca Sports Wii, Plans for Future04.06.20082
Firebrand talks Race Driver (Nintendo DS), Wii Version, Trackmania & More06.05.20083
Studio Archcraft Talks Project Exile on Nintendo DS, WiiWare Plans & More25.04.20085
hand Talks Chocobo Mystery Dungeon on Nintendo25.03.20087
FFXII: Revenant Wings (Nintendo DS)14.03.20087
Keen Games Talks Secret Files: Tunguska on Nintendo04.03.20087
Interview: Tecmo Talks Adventure Games on Nintendo DS & Wii19.02.20087
Left Field Talks WiiWare Project, Nitrobike on Nintendo DS, Sequel & More06.02.20083
Itagaki-san on Ninja Gaiden, a Nintendo DS Sequel, Possible Wii Version & More31.01.200811
Bandai Namco Talks Tales of Innocence on Nintendo DS22.01.20089
Geometry Wars (Nintendo Wii), Online Support and Sequels05.01.20087
Dawn of Heroes on Wii, Not Just Nintendo DS?12.12.20076
Kiki Kai World (Nintendo Wii)18.09.20073
Nibris on Sadness (Wii), WiiWare, ROTR DS, Bloobs & More14.08.200718
Nintendo UK Talks WiiWare04.07.200726
Cing Talks Hotel Dusk, Another Code for Wii & DS, Plus More20.06.200710
Day:1:Studios on Partnerships, Nintendo & the Future12.06.20073
Yasuhiro Wada: Rune Factory & Magical Melody on Wii, Harvest Moon06.06.20077
EA Talks SimCity DS & Wii13.05.20076
Konami Talks Castlevania on Nintendo DS/Wii20.04.20077
Natsume on Wii, Harvest Moon Anniversary Plans & Much More...13.04.20076
Ubisoft Talks Mind Quiz (Nintendo DS) & Brain Training04.04.20074
DK Games Making a New VC Game, My Little Flufties 2 on Wii & Talks MLF DS!29.03.20072
Touch the Dead on Wii & DS: Dream-On Studio Spills its Guts17.03.200711
Fullmetal Alchemist on Nintendo Wii, DS Game Discussed & More07.03.20077
Zee-3 on Nintendo Wii, DS, Plok & the Future!16.02.200710
SNK Japan Talks Metal Slug Anthology on Nintendo Wii27.01.200715
Ignition Talk Mercury Meltdown Revolution (Wii)17.01.20077
ODenis Studio on Glory Day 2 for Nintendo DS12.01.20077
Marvel Ultimate Alliance (Nintendo Wii)26.12.200610
Namco on Point Blank for Nintendo DS18.12.20065
EA Talks Superman Returns on Nintendo DS03.12.20069
EnjoyUp On Chronos Twin (Nintendo DS)27.11.20066
A Vampyre Story on Wii & DS? AME Games Tells All!06.11.200612
Codemasters: Micro Machines Wii? Don't Rule It Out!28.10.200619
Nibris Talks Raid Over The River24.10.200623
Bandai Namco on Tamagotchi & Nintendo20.10.200610
Football Manager: Nintendo Wii or DS?14.10.200618
CDV on Panzer DS and Nintendo Wii Support06.10.200610
Lego Star Wars Developer Traveller's Tales30.09.200612
Rainbow Studios on Nintendo & Disney's Cars24.09.20067
Capcom's Phoenix Wright Team17.09.200615
id Software on Nintendo Wii/DS Support12.09.200624
Zen Studios Talk Flipper Critters, Nintendo03.09.200615
Datel Quizzed on its Nintendo Products01.09.200617
Brooke Burgess Talks Nintendo Wii / DS, Broken Saints & More (Transcript)29.08.20065
Mike Rawlinson of ELSPA24.08.20069
Toshio Iwai on Nintendo, Wii...& Musical Fish!17.08.200618
Namco's Toshinori Sone Talks Dig Dug, Nintendo & More!09.08.20066
Monolith Soft on Nintendo Wii Support, Baten Kaitos II & More03.08.200611
Skip, Ltd Talks Nintendo, Chibi-Robo DS, GiFTPiA & More!22.07.200612
Sudoku Creators on Nintendo, Puzzles & the Future17.07.200611
Shin'en on Nanostray & the Future29.10.20050
WayForward Talks Nintendo Wii, Sigma Star, Shantae DS & More!08.07.20069
Starfy & More with TOSE05.06.20067
Opera's Nintendo Wii Browser03.06.200648
Mitchell Corp on Magnetica, Nintendo Wii & the Future12.05.20068
Alien Hominid Developer04.05.20066
The Wii Interview with Nintendo UK28.04.200666
Broken Saints' Brooke Burgess13.04.200617
Lee Nutter, Editor of Official Nintendo Magazine08.04.200619
Interactive Brains About Deep Labyrinth02.04.20063
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