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Title Date Comments
Movie Review: Alien: Covenant (Lights, Camera, Action!)30.05.201713
Anime Review: Amagami SS (Lights, Camera, Action!)29.05.20170
Anime Review: Fairy Tail Part 14 (Lights, Camera, Action!)29.05.20170
Anime Review: Red Sonja - Queen of Plagues (Lights, Camera, Action!)29.05.20170
Anime Review: Seoul Station (Lights, Camera, Action!)29.05.20170
Anime Review: Charlotte Part 1 (Lights, Camera, Action!)21.05.20170
Movie Review: My Life as a Courgette (Lights, Camera, Action!)21.05.20170
DVD Movie Review: Manchester by the Sea (Lights, Camera, Action!)21.05.20170
Movie Review: Logan (Lights, Camera, Action!)22.04.20174
Movie Review: Sadako Vs. Kayako (Lights, Camera, Action!)21.04.20171
DVD Movie Review: Infection (Lights, Camera, Action!)21.04.20171
Anime Review: Fairy Tail Part 13 (Lights, Camera, Action!)17.04.20170
Anime Review: Shimoneta (Lights, Camera, Action!)17.04.20170
Anime Review: Nisekoi Season 2 (Lights, Camera, Action!)17.04.20170
Anime Review: Persona 3 The Movie #2 - Midsummer Knight’s Dream (Lights, Camera, Action!)14.04.20170
Anime Review: My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Too! (Lights, Camera, Action!)16.04.20170
Anime Review: RE-KAN! (Lights, Camera, Action!)15.04.20170
DVD Movie Review: Tomboy (Lights, Camera, Action!)15.04.20170
Anime Review: Little Busters! Season 1 (Lights, Camera, Action!)15.04.20170
Anime Review: One Piece Collection 16 (Lights, Camera, Action!)01.04.20170
Anime Review: Busou Shinki – Armored War Goddess Collection (Lights, Camera, Action!)01.04.20170
Anime Review: Absolute Duo (Lights, Camera, Action!)27.03.20170
Anime Review: Mobile Suit Gundam Movie Trilogy (Lights, Camera, Action!)26.03.20170
Anime Review: Heavy Object Part 1 (Lights, Camera, Action!)20.03.20170
Anime Review: Mikagura School Suite (Lights, Camera, Action!)10.03.20170
Movie Review: Trespass Against Us (Lights, Camera, Action!)05.03.20170
Anime Review: A Silent Voice (Glasgow Film Festival 2017)26.02.20170
Anime Review: Love, Chunibyou & Other Delusions! Heart Throb (Lights, Camera, Action!)26.02.20170
Movie Review: Sanjuro (Glasgow Film Festival 2017)26.02.20170
Anime Review: No-Rin (Lights, Camera, Action!)25.02.20170
Anime Review: Owarimonogatari Part 1 (Lights, Camera, Action!)25.02.20170
Anime Review: Brothers Conflict (Lights, Camera, Action!)25.02.20170
Anime Review: Fairy Tail Part 12 (Lights, Camera, Action!)25.02.20170
Anime Review: Yona of the Dawn Part 1 (Lights, Camera, Action!)20.02.20170
Anime Review: Show by Rock!! – Complete Season 1 (Lights, Camera, Action!)18.02.20170
Movie Review: John Wick: Chapter 2 (Lights, Camera, Action!)17.02.20172
DVD Movie Review: Phantom Boy (Lights, Camera, Action!)12.02.20170
DVD Movie Review: Persona 3: Movie #1 Spring of Birth - Collector’s Edition (Lights, Camera, Action!)12.02.20170
Anime Review: DRAMAtical Murder Complete Season (Lights, Camera, Action!)12.02.20170
Anime Review: Aldnoah Zero Season 2 (Lights, Camera, Action!)11.02.20170
Movie Review: The Great Wall (Lights, Camera, Action!)08.02.20170
DVD Movie Review: Deepwater Horizon (Lights, Camera, Action!)07.02.20170
DVD Movie Review: Train to Busan (Lights, Camera, Action!)31.01.20171
DVD Movie Review: The Childhood of a Leader (Lights, Camera, Action!)31.01.20170
DVD Movie Review: Blair Witch (Lights, Camera, Action!)31.01.20171
Movie Review: xXx: Return of Xander Cage (Lights, Camera, Action!)29.01.20171
Anime Review: Fairy Tail Part 11 (Lights, Camera, Action!)29.01.20170
Anime Review: One Piece Collection 15 (Lights, Camera, Action!)28.01.20170
Anime Review: Claymore Limited Blu-ray Collection (Lights, Camera, Action!)27.01.20170
Movie Review: Split (Lights, Camera, Action!)23.01.20173
Anime Review | The Perfect Insider (Lights, Camera, Action!)15.01.20170
Anime Review | Invaders of the Rokujyōma!? (Lights, Camera, Action!)15.01.20170
DVD Movie Review: Kubo and the Two Strings (Lights, Camera, Action!)12.01.20172
DVD Movie Review | Phone (Lights, Camera, Action!)02.01.20171
DVD Movie Review | Reincarnation (Lights, Camera, Action!)01.01.20170
Anime Review | Sakura Trick (Lights, Camera, Action!)24.12.20160
Anime Review | Death Note Complete Series and OVA Collection (Lights, Camera, Action!)11.12.20160
Anime Review | The Transformers: The Movie - Limited Edition, 30th Anniversary Steelbook (Lights, Camera, Action!)10.12.20160
Anime Review | Nobunaga the Fool: Part 1 (Lights, Camera, Action!)03.12.20160
Anime Review | Akame ga Kill! Collection 2 (Lights, Camera, Action!)03.12.20160
DVD Movie Review | The Lighthouse (Lights, Camera, Action!)29.11.20160
Movie Review | Dog Eat Dog (Lights, Camera, Action!)18.11.20160
DVD Movie Review | The Library Suicides (Lights, Camera, Action!)11.11.20160
Movie Review | Creepy (Lights, Camera, Action!)10.11.20160
Anime Review | PhotoKano Collection (Lights, Camera, Action!)10.11.20160
Anime Review | Sword Art Online : ALfheim Arc (Lights! Camera! Action!)06.11.20161
Anime Review | When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace (Lights, Camera, Action!)05.11.20160
Anime Review | Wish Upon the Pleiades Complete Season 1 Collection (Lights, Camera, Action!)29.10.20161
Anime Review | Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages (Lights, Camera, Action!)29.10.20160
DVD Movie Review | Dead Rising: Endgame (Lights, Camera, Action!)29.10.20160
DVD Movie Review | Premonition (Lights, Camera, Action!)28.10.20160
Anime Review | Skylanders Academy: Pilot (Lights, Camera, Action!)26.10.20161
Anime Review | Soul Eater NOT! Complete Series Collection (Lights, Camera, Action!)16.10.20160
Movie Review | Star Trek: Renegades (Lights, Camera, Action!)09.10.20161
Anime Review | Trinity Seven - Complete Season (Lights, Camera, Action!)09.10.20160
DVD Movie Review | Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (Lights, Camera, Action!)08.10.20160
Movie Review | Suicide Squad (Lights, Camera, Action!)07.10.20164
DVD Movie Review | Man of Steel (Lights, Camera, Action!)06.10.20161
Anime Review | Digimon: Digital Monsters Season 1 (Lights, Camera, Action!)01.10.20160
Anime Review | Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! (Lights, Camera, Action!)29.09.20161
Anime Review | Free! - Eternal Summer (Lights, Camera, Action!)25.09.20160
Anime Review | Project Itoh: The Empire of Corpses (Lights, Camera, Action!)24.09.20160
Anime Review | Assassination Classroom: Season 1 Part 2 (Lights, Camera, Action!)19.09.20160
Anime Review | Naruto: Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals (Lights, Camera, Action!)19.09.20160
DVD Movie Review | Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV (Lights, Camera, Action!)19.09.201612
TV Review | Stranger Things (Lights, Camera, Action!)18.09.20164
Anime Review | Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad (Lights, Camera, Action!)07.09.20160
Anime Review | Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s: Season 1 (Lights, Camera, Action!)05.09.20160
Anime Review | Kamisama Kiss: Season 2 Collection (Lights, Camera, Action!)04.09.20160
Anime Review | Punch Line Complete Season 1 Collection (Lights, Camera, Action!)04.09.20160
Anime Review | HaNaYaMaTa Complete Collection (Lights, Camera, Action!)04.09.20160
Anime Review | Sword Art Online: Aincrad Arc (Lights, Camera, Action!)03.09.20160
Anime Review | Log Horizon: Season 2 - Part 1 (Lights, Camera, Action!)01.09.20160
Anime Review | Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun (Lights, Camera, Action!)26.08.20160
Anime Review | Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There! (Lights, Camera, Action!)20.08.20160
Anime Review | 11 Eyes (Lights, Camera, Action!)18.08.20160
Anime Review | Sasami-san@Ganbaranai (Lights, Camera, Action!)18.08.20160
Movie Preview | Kingslaive: Final Fantasy XV (Lights, Camera, Action!)18.08.20160
DVD Movie Review | Ratchet & Clank (Lights, Camera, Action!)11.08.20160
Anime Review | Haikyu!! Season 1 Collection 2 (Lights, Camera, Action!)07.08.20160
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