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Reviews for Wii Music Wii

 - Nintendo 3DS Wii U Gaming

The industry is crammed full of fret-stroking, button tapping games causing ol' Nintendo to want a slice, but does the Japanese giant hold a beat, or go horribly out of tune? - By Jorge Ba-oh

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Articles & Features for Wii Music Wii

Title Date Comments
Nintendo Pondering New Wii Music16.11.20092
Nintendo to Teach with Wii Music13.01.20096
Wii Music: Miyamoto Blames Kondo for Song Selection16.12.200816
Miyamoto Reflects on Wii Music02.12.200811
Nintendo Slaughters Competition in US, But Wii Music Slow16.11.200812
UK TV Jams with Wii Music Ad12.11.20081
Joseph Simmons Promotes Wii Music with Sons06.11.20085
Miyamoto Struggling to Sell Wii Music02.11.200813
Miyamoto: Wii Music Sales 'Not Too Bad', Sequel Planned?27.10.20088
New PSP Model Trounces Nintendo DS in Japan24.10.200812

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