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Mega Man is a 2D Platformer game developed by Capcom for the NES video game console. The game has been re-released and can be downloaded on the Virtual Console service for 3DS, Wii U, in digital form. Get the latest news, reviews, videos and screenshots for Mega Man.






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Articles & Features for Mega Man NES

Title Date Comments
Become Mega Man with the Mega Buster Replica10.12.20140
Mega Man Gets a Gritty Reboot Film12.11.20140
Mega Man, Protoman Teased by First 4 Figures13.01.20140
New Mega Man Board Game Concept Video08.01.20140
Mega Man Sells Over 30 Million Units Worldwide02.11.20130
A Peek Inside the 432-Page Mega Man MM25 Anniversary Book08.07.20130
Capcom Teases More Classic Mega Man21.06.20132
Capcom Sidesteps New Mega Man Comments23.03.20131
Capcom to Release Mega Man USB Stick01.03.20131
Mega Man 1-6 to Slide onto the Nintendo 3DS eShop17.12.20129

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