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La-Mulana is a 2D Platformer game developed by Asterizm for the WiiWare video game console. Get the latest news, reviews, videos and screenshots for La-Mulana.






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Reviews for La-Mulana WiiWare

 - Nintendo 3DS Wii U Gaming

After a long wait filled with cancellations, doubts and frustration, the super hyped La-Mulana has finally landed on WiiWare. - By Rudy Lavaux

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Articles & Features for La-Mulana WiiWare

Title Date Comments
La-Mulana WiiWare Competition Winners Revealed18.10.20125
Exclusive Competition: Win 1 of 3 Copies of La-Mulana on WiiWare04.10.20128
Explore La-Mulana in New WiiWare Trailer06.09.20122
Possible Western Release for La-Mulana WiiWare12.07.20120
La Mulana Canned for Western WiiWare Release01.05.20124
La-Mulana WiiWare News & Videos Update26.09.20101
Metroid-esque 2D Game for WiiWare03.08.20095

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