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Captain America's Political Rant of the Month

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I am quite happy right now. Are you wondering why, perhaps? If so, please continue reading this blog. (Note, I've changed this blog from weekly to monthly, because I've discovered that I have limited time, and thus I can not write a blog every week.)

Barack Huissein Obama seems to be in self-destruct mode after the media realized "Wait, THAT can't be Barack Obama's pastor!" Sadly, it was. Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a racist and anti-semite, (shown in this link because the auto-linker isn't working http://www.renewamerica.us/columns/jon/080320) is Barack Obama's pastor and 'close friend' to Mr. Obama. The appalling thing about this is that, despite his attempts at claiming he "didn't know" about Rev. Wright's controversial statements, Sen. Obama could have left the Trinity United Church of Christ any time, but he chose not to. Now I'm not rushing to conclusions, but since he heard Jeremiah Wright say those things (I.E. "God Bless America?! God D*mn America!" "We bombed Hiroshima, we bombed Nagasaki, and we nuked far more than the thousands in New York and the Pentagon, and we never batted an eye!") Source: http://bumpshack.com/2008/03/18/pastor-jeremiah-wright-controversy-quotes/

Wouldn't that imply that he at least didn't disagree with Rev. Wright's words?

Now, the reason I am excited is because, while Hillary has yet to attack Sen. Obama, once the Clinton Machine has started up, there's no holding it back. Hillary has learned from her past, to not jump on an opportunity to attack Sen. Obama right when the chance presents itself. Recent polls (http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/us_and_americas/us_elections/article3591359.ece) show that Barack Obama has lost his lead and is slowly crumbling, even among his black supporters. The Democratic Party is at war with itself, ladies and gentlemen. And Barack Obama is leading the charge straight into a phalanx formation.

Captain America's Political Rant of the Week

First off, I'll throw my support on old Johnny McCain, considering he's the only one left. Plus he's our only chance of not having a democRAT as the next president (whoops, caps were on there for a second...Smilie). Though he may be liberal on some issues, he's pretty conservative in the end. The fact that McCain has a record of reaching across the aisle to compromise with Dems and Independents I'm cool with. But it's when he spends more time talking with Dems and less time reaching out to his conservative base that irks me.

The subject of this blog, though, is not John McCain. What I want to talk about today is the shit-your-pants fear of Barack Obama, a first year U.S. senator, being in control of the greatest military in the world. Not only that, but he'll also raise taxes a damn good amount, destroy the greatest (but not always the most affordable, I'll admit) healthcare system in the world, hand Iraq over to al-Qaeda, the list goes on and on. What I am also concerned about is his 'F-' rating with the NRA (National Rifle Association). While in the Illinois state senate, he voted against a measure to allow gun owners to claim self-defense in terms of their guns. He wants to BAN the transfer off ALL semi-automatic weapons, and also wants to put heavy restrictions on gun dealers. And don't even get me started on Supreme Court judges.

For the sake of the country and the world, I hope to God this guy doesn't even come close to the White House.

Source for gun control reference: 1998 IL State Legislative National Political Awareness Test Jul 2, 1998

Two More Days!

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So now we've got two more days 'till the Iowa Caucus, the first step to a new president. Since my other blog got snowed in, I'll update everyone.

Obama is in the lead for the Democrats, and it's a tie between Huck and Giuliani for the Republicans. First off, we need a tiebreaker between those two, or three votes for another candidate. Oh, and I vote for Ron Paul Smilie.

So keep the votes coming my fellow Americans/People From the UK/etc.

An idea....

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Hi everyone, I know it's been a long time, but here I am. I hope you'll all invite me back after I've been gone so long.

Now, on to my idea.

The majority of people on C3 are from the UK, but, since the Iowa Caucus is on Jan. 3rd here in the U.S., I thought it would be fun to 'endorse' a candidate. Since most of you would be inclined to vote a democrat (If you could vote in the U.S. Smilie), we're going to endorse both a democrat and a republican. I'll list all of the candidates, and you can do the research yourself. So, without further ado, here are the democrats:

Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama- 2
John Edwards
Joe Biden
Chris Dodd
Dennis Kucinich
Mike Gravel
Bill Richardson


Rudy Giuliani-2
Fred Thompson- 1
Mitt Romney
Ron Paul
Duncan Hunter
Mike Huckabee-2
John McCain

This is purely for fun and fun alone. If you want to vote, list your choice for republican and democrat on the comments sheet.

It would be good if you could PM questions instead of posting them here. That way I could seperate votes from comments and whatnot. Have fun!


Mystery Pokemon of the Week

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I'm reverting back to old ways now.

CLUE#1: This Pokemon's height is 2"04.

Have fun! I don't think you can use S-bii for this. Smilie

EDIT: Sorry, just found out that here are no Pokemon who's height is 2"03.

Mystery Pokemon of the Week- 11.11.07

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Alright, boys and girls, this is going to work a bit differently. To stop all you Serebii cheaters (You know who you are), here's what I'm going to do. This would be for Pikachu:

EX: _ _ K _ _ _ _

Electric type

So, without further ado, here is your first letter.

_ _ n _ _ _ _ _ _

FIRE type
Sort of like hangman without the drawing. No guessing letters, just guess the whole thing. One guess per member, but if you guess it before Thursday, it's three (3) stars instead of two.

Mystery Pokemon of the Week- 4.11.07

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This is your first clue, everyone:

CLUE #1: This Pokemon is a red and white Pokemon that can learn the move Curse as an egg move.

Have fun!

Mystery Pokemon of the Week- 10/28/07

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Ok, you all know the drill, so here is your first clue

CLUE#1: This Pokemon's special abillity can be either Hyper Cutter or Shell Armor. This can be one of two Pokemon.

Good luck! 'Tis a bit harder this week, isn't it? Smilie I might add an extra star it you give me both..... but don't tell anyone!


Mystery Pokeman of the Week!

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First off, thanks goes to SuperLink for helping out with stars (Note that he can still compete).

Alright, folks, I think you all know the rules, but if you don't, please refer to my other blog.

Here's your first hint:

HINT #1: This Pokemon is a water-type. It is blue, orange and a bit of light blue as well.

Good luck!


A New Challenge (Because PK asked for it)

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Alright, here's my new challenge, and a chance to earn a star or two. My new challenge is.... -drumroll-


I'll try to continue this every week.

Now, here's how it works. I'm going to give a hint in the initial post. If someone hasn't guessed by Thursday, I'll give another hint. And, God forbid, if nobody's answered it by Saturday, I'll give the last hint. Now, here's the catch.
If you answer the question before the 2nd hint (Thursday), you get two (2) stars.

So, without further ado, here is your first hint.

HINT #1: This Pokemon is a combination of pink, white and black. It is a Normal-type Pokemon

Play fair, you little ne'er-do-wells! Smilie

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