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3DS and stuff

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Hi guys, it's been a while! 
I've realised that as I'm getting older, and all in all I've been without a home console for about 9 months now, and I haven't missed it one jot. I'd barely played on my DS recently either. And then for some reason, I decided I'd buy a 3DS. I really don't know why, maybe I'm itching to see if I still have the desire to play games on a console. (See the bottom for my general thoughts on the console).

Anyway, as I'm now a bit of an old fart, I have a few questions to ask:

1) How does the whole friend code thing work? Do they still exist? If so where can I find codes for people from C3?
2) What games are must haves? (Please no FPS games) I only have Luigi's Mansion atm. The Rhythm Thief demo totally sold me though, it's like an alternative Elite Beat Agents! Other than that Zelda is on my list, and maybe the 3D Mario Land.
3) How does street pass work exactly. I keep my 3DS on and it transfers stuff from other peoples? Does it actually have uses, and do I need to be online at the time?

Sorry for my noobishness!

Anyway, my thoughts on the console so far:

The bad:
-Not including a charger for the XL is ludicrous. I know Nintendo think that most people will have one already, and they're probably right, but still, I was upgrading from an original DS (which is effectively the last console before the 3DS), so an additional purchase was necessary. Smilie

-3D gaming is a gimmick.

-Lots of things other than the actual games (especially the internet) seem very slow.


-The circle pad seems a tad too small, I always want to push my thumb out further. It's not the most comfortable console in the hands either.

-£35+ for a new game. Smilie

The good:
-The graphics are pretty impressive, not that I care too much about that for a portable console.

-The AR cards are a nice inclusion

-Free demos of games is brilliant.

-Battery life seems decent.

-Nicely fits into the pocket.

-Luigi's Mansion is just as fun as I remembered.

Drunken Life

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Hey C3, what's up?
It's 3 in the morning and I don't really know what I'm about to say so I'm just going to roll with the flow.
Firstly, you guys (and girls! OMG REAL GIRLS ON THE INTERNETZ!???) are a great bunch, and cheers to anybody who bothers to read all this garbage.
Also, is it just me or is the thought of dying alone seeming more and more realistic by the day? Of course this will be different for every individual, and yet I seem to think that the whole world is just humouring me and my simple ways sometimes. What's going on with things being completely illogical? Quirkyness is the only quality I have and I wish the Universe would stop trying to tell me what to do when I don't want to do it. Social rules are stupid as well. Okay I don't know how to drive, but it's expensive to learn and I don't NEED to drive so why bother? Why is that so socially unacceptable? Also, I don't want to meet people in clubs/bars because you never really meet them, you just try and keep a conversation going when you can't even hear what they're saying.

I dunno, the older I get the more confused I am. I wish I was 17 again, life seemed to be going good then. Then again it's not too bad now, I just kinda feel like I've been travelling down a road and now the road has stopped and I dunno where to go and no-one's about to give directions. The only way I know is off a fucking cliff and that ain't a good option!

I don't wanna be a winging moaner though, so I guess it could all be worse. The Universe confuses me greatly though, both on a familiar scale (wtf is with love in general? IT MAKES NO SENSE) and on other scales too (QUANTUM MECHANICS TOTALLY BLOWS MY MIND!!!).

I dunno, women are all bad news, but then why do I want to fall in love? Life ain't so bad overall, I'm just a tad confused about what I'm gonna do after Uni and how I'm convinced I'll die alone. I'm not really looking for advice or owt, so I dunno why I'm writing this, but then again, this is the internet, so what's the worst that could happen?
Yours sincerely,
Your Cheesyness.

Did somebody say no heating? :(

That's right, the heating in my house has stopped working. Cue blankets, wrapping up warm and hot water bottles all round.

My blood circulation has never been very good, so whilst my main body is fine, my hands (and especially my feet) are freezing!
Sympathy, please?

Entering the online world

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Well, I have played a few PC games online before (Age of Empires II is still a favourite), but never a console. Anyway, I finally got a wireless internet that the DS can use. First impressions of Mario Kart:

-Finding opponents can take quite a bit of time. Is this because it's quite an old game?

-The game itself isn't all that great, it seems quite slow (don't know if that's just me?) and it's nowhere near as fun with only 4 people playing. There should be an option to add a few computers to the mix.

-People are disconnecting all the time. Mostly I assume it's because they're losing, but occasionally when they're winning too. It's so annoying. Games that start out with 4 racers usually end up with 2 (if they end at all!). How hard is it to stay connected for 4 races?

-Nowhere near as many people snake as I expected.

But other then that it's okay. I've been looking around C3, trying to work out how the whole friends code thing works. I don't really know what's going on and how it works on C3. I'm sure i's all pretty simple though. Smilie

Smells Like Man Cheese.

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Just thought I'd let you guys know that it's my birthday today, yay! 21 years young.

That is all.

Maths meets pokemon (the perfect combination?).

I should warn you, what's written below is odd at best.

Ash: You guys like the function games, right?
Misty: I dunno. I only bought cosx. It started off really good but it was all downhill from there.
Brock: I know what you mean. I got sinx and it was a roller-coaster. Up then down, then back up again...
Ash: Well they've just released the new one for the Math-tendo DS. It's called tanx. I've been playing it non-stop, and get this- I've got a high score higher then 1!
Brock: No way! I heard the only way to get that was to go to a special Math-tendo event in Japan!
Ash: It's a new feature on the tanx game. Look, 89 hours of playing and I've got a score of 57.3...oh no, wait! It's suddenly dropped to -9999999 *cry*
Misty: Looks like you got defeated by a trainer named 'asymptote'?
Ash: I knew I should have stopped at 90 hours

Are we there yet?

So, it's April 2009 already! Less then 9 months until Christmas...again.

You know what I realised? I'm alive. I've been alive for quite a while of course (20 and a half years), but it's a fact so obvious that it often goes overlooked. What are the chances of me actually being here, alive, right now?
It's practically zero! And yet I am. And I'm conscious. It is also highly likely that I will die at some point as well. Of course I would hate to live forever, but on the other hand I don't want to die either. What a paradox.

Yes, every year seems to wizz by faster then the last. And yes I'm getting bored of birthdays and Christmas already, but that's all part of getting older. And you know what? I will never be this young again. Ever. Every second I'm slightly older then before.

You know what else is weird? How do you know that your memories actually occurred and aren't just things you've thought up? Actually, how do you know that there ever was a past? Ahh, enough with the unanswerable. There is only a present, and that'll do just fine for me.
The mind is a funny thing. It's absolutely mind boggling in fact, but so is quantum mechanics. That doesn't mean it's not true. Would life be better without consciousness? I dunno, what do you guys think?

In conclusion, we're not there that. We will be one day though. Even though we're all chugging along at the same speed, some of us will get there sooner then others. I just hope we don't get there too soon, being alive is pretty sweet, no?

The cheese. attempts a comic.

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Well, I had nothing better to do (except some coursework, bleh!), so I made a short comic rather crudily on paint. The process from thinking about an idea to finishing it took...oh, about 30 minutes.Smilie Anyways, enjoy:


Feel free to tell me how bad it is, I don't expect much from half an hours work! Smilie


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So, today marks the end of the exam period for me! Smilie
In general they all went pretty well, will have to wait to find out how I did obviously. Been chillaxing a bit, having a couple of cans of cider.

Ever noticed that cans of alcohol seem to come in similar yet different sizes? There's 440ml, 500ml and pints. I reckon they do it just to confuse people so they're not sure which is the best deal. Of course, all you have to do is look at the cost per litre to find out! There's probably some other reason for it as well. I can understand pint cans and 440ml, but is there any need for one inbetween?

I've got a niggling to play Ocarina of Time and Odama (I got Odama about a week ago and still haven't played it). I also wanted to give Majora's Mask another go, seen as I've always got to roughly the same bit of the game and given up previously. Unfortunately the Wii is currently boxed up because it's 'distracting' even though the exams are over. Smilie Seen as it's not my Wii I don't really have grounds to argue I guess...

Sorry, this blog really isn't about anything in perticular, so if it was a bit boring I apologise. Err...that's all I guess. Toodle-loo!

I really should be revising right now.

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To be fair I've done a lot already today, I think I'll listen to Hey milk by the Beatles instead:

Hey milk, please don't go bad,
You are long life, you should last better.
Remember, to put you into the fridge,
Then you can start, to stay fresher.

Hey milk, you're semi-skimmed,
Best served cold so, don't wear a sweater.
The minute, you're onto my cereal,
Then you begin, to make it wetter.

And anytime you start to warm, it's not the norm,
You taste a bit sour, and slightly older.
Don't you know that it's just you? Hey milk, you'll do,
Though I would prefer you that bit colder.

Na, na, na, na na na naaa, na na na naaa, hey milk...

Hmm, some of the rhymes/timing is a bit dodgy, but it's good enough for now. Right, back to revising thermal physics after that slight distraction Smilie

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