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I quit.

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I quit. Not C3, not reading up on gaming and discussing some aspects of it, but consolegaming itself.

It's been boring me more and more the last couple of months, and this is not due to a 'lack of good games' on Wii, I've enjoyed every game I bought throughly. It just isn't worth it anymore, at least for me it isn't.

I won't be rebuying a Wii eventually, and I won't be buying an X360 either (My girlfriend's got that one coveredSmilie), I'll just be playing my DS, the little handheld that could, and destroyed everything else in existence.

Yup. I quit.

I quit.. Smilie

EDIT: I have my reasons, and those are very important to me. Maybe someday I will return, but for the coming years, I'm quitting.. Sorry guys, I really am! But I'm not leaving C3 because of it. Unless C3 turns shit again. Then I'm gone for a few monthsSmilie

I'm having an.. orgaSMG!:-o

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I'm keeping this brief because I need to cool down, but.. I just had an orgaSMG.
I bought Super Mario Galaxy earlier today, and even though just about everything went sucky, this just made my day. I'm typing here, actually suffering an adrenaline rush.


An adrenaline rush.

I'm catching my breath, slowly coming to grips with what I just played, and OMFG on a stixel, it rocks.
At first, I thought the graphics looked a bit odd for some reason, but I love them now. I turned off the lights, and started playing for an hour or so, getting myself three stars. I don't know why, but everything just 'belongs'; The music, the graphics, all the sound-effects and the gameplay.. It's not perfect, nothing is, but it's so darned close, I would actually have sex with this game if it were a guy. And I'm straight. Well, that's a bit overboard, but I'd sure as hell bone it if it were a chick, no questions asked about STDs or whatever, they're all worth itSmilie

Now, if you will excuse me, I'm going to catch my breath and play SMG again.. Oh. My. Fucking. Galaxy.

I'll Be Back'D!

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Well, I'm leaving C3 for a bit. I won't be gone long, just until I get some stuff sorted in 'Da Reel Wurld', because I've been going through a LOT of shit the last couple of months.

Friends have been ditching me/screwing me over, problems with the 'rents, problems with my (now) ex-girlfriend, my little 4-year old brother has been going through some horrible things (He almost got his lip bit off his face today; Hooray for cannibalism! ), I have been through some horrible stuff myself, emotionally mostly (I'm very worried about losing my grandmother, and she was the only person that's always been there for me, and the only one that still really is), and it's just too much for me to handle without having all those problems here to deal with as well.

The most frequent of my problems is this: I've been helping a lot of my friends out, talking to them, doing things for them, and just making sure they're happy, but this was at the cost of my own happiness, how over-dramatic it may sound. Still, my friends seemed happy, so it seemed worth it, but the last couple of weeks they all screwed me over, one by one, even my best friends that I'd known for 4 years or almost as long.

Lying about the problems I've been helping with, breaking promises, flatout ditching me saying they don't want to know me anymore, replacing me with other people for the lamest of reasons after I've closely befriended them for 4 years, and then sometimes even badmouthing me behind my back after I've already been ditched. If one person had done this it wouldn't really matter, but even in the past two weeks there were already 4 people that did this, and those 4 people are only a fraction of how many people I know. Apart fromt his, the problems with my 'rents and my general state of mind have caused my depression to get worse and worse, and I was already quite a troubled individualSmilie

To cut it short, too much happening for me to deal with all these internetz-fights as well, so I'm leaving C3's forums for a bit. I might be reading some news still, but the forums will have to remain Faustless for a while until I get everything in my life sorted.

I will be checking my PMs from time to time, so if you see me displayed as online I'm doing just that. People that don't have me added on messenger can PM me if they want to stay in touch while I'm gone, and people that're glad I'm gone can just send me some "Good riddance!"-PMs if they so desire. Not that I'll be reading themSmilie.

The best to all of you, and I hope C3 get sorted soon, and C3'll see me back when I get myself sorted outSmilie

(Too bad for some of youSmilie!)

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