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On Austrailia, Comedy and Games.

First off, Austrailia. Why am I blogging about this? Well, the country has been though a big wildfire, and now tropical cyclone Oswald decided to pay them a visit. And not a friendly one, mind. But it actually makes me wonder: 'Why do meteorologists give tropical storms and hurricanes names?' Seems silly to name a storm after an old disney cartoon character..

Now, onto comedy. I have a collection of comedy dvds full of stuff that would be offensive in the present era, because they would not be politically correct, and people would complain if something was offensive. Comedy today isn't as funny as in the past. (Well, Russell Howard's Good News and recently, Mrs Brown's Boys is ok.)

And lastly, Games. My recent addition to the PS2 Library is the original Ratchet and Clank. I fell in love with this game when I played the demo on the original PS2. Think the next game I may get (once the price goes down on amazon. You can find some really wierd stuff on there. They still sell NES consoles!) is Ratchet and Clank 2: Locked and Loaded.

On Keldeo, Sick Laptops and life

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Bloomin' eck, it's been a while! So much has happened during the past year! Right, first off: Sick laptops. My laptop's fan needs replacing by an expert, as it is a minefield of delicate components underneath the cover. Why does it need replacing? It makes a grinding's not doing it now, but it really was bad on the 24th December last year. I was in St Mawes, visiting relatives over the christmas period, so that really wasn't what I needed at that moment in time...ugh.

Secondly, Keldeo. I recently got Keldeo today on Pokemon Black 2, (THE WEBSITE, EET LIIIES!) and the resolute form soon followed. I'm still attempting to see all Unova Pokemon, and there is a few blank pages on my 'dex. the habitat list is a handy feature, and I can't wait to see what pokemon await me on Pokemon X and Y (chromosomes anyone?)

Lastly, I'm enjoying life, I recently got Farming Simulator 2013 on the Windows XP downstairs, and It is awesome. It's a game where you farm shit (yes, quite literally, shit. no, manure, not drugs.) using the powerful beasts of burden that are the tractors. From the german Fahr-Deutz X720 to the CASE iH Stieger and Quadtrac 600, You carry out all the tasks a real farmer would do using tractors. And occasionally, you come across the occasional drunk driver, in that case, hop into a front loader AND RAM HIM/HER/IT!

I lost my Pokemon Black Gamecard...

I really cannot find it. I had my Blaziken on that. I just feel depressed right now... I've looked everywhere, and I am gonna have another stab at it tomorrow afternoon.. This really is strange, because according to the 3DS records, I last played it on the 20th of August... I only realized it was missing on Sunday... Smilie

Meh... cursed revision...

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I have two exams. One on Monday and the other on Friday. I had to revise all bloody half term and MAN am I annoyed.... I have some strange mark near my groin and it is hurting. I have been prescribed some special cream for it and some Antibiotics to prevent infection... It is definitely not fungal. Oh yeah, I had a blood test on Thursday to check for Diabetes, Thyroid and Cholesterol. Results came back yesterday. I am in the clear. Just need to lose some bloody weight...


Back from greece!

I went on a flotilla around the Saronics for two weeks with Sailing Holidays. It was brilliant. We started at Navpillon in Greece and we ended at Old Epidavros in Greece! We were on a Beneteau 361 called Pelekas. We had a few hiccups with her. First her cooling system leaked (happily fixed by Matt, our engineer), then the holding tank got blocked thanks to the previous family on pelekas putting toilet paper down the toilet, then on Koiladhia at night, the bloody fire alarm sounded. The bloody thing was in my cabin and it has scarred me for life. there wasn't a fire in the cabin, the stupid device was sounding because its battery was low. apart from that, we had a great time.

Oh, I got Flipnote studio today. It is brilliant!

Not again....

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Second time the PC has buggered up... Grrrr! I hate it! DAMN YOU STUPID COMPUTER! I am actually on the Wii at the moment. Why did it have to die on easter? Sally was the last one on it and because she password protected her account, I can't kill any viruses off her bit! Sodding HELL! It isn't my fault! GRRRRR! Smilie THAT IS IT! I FEEL ANGRY!!!

AC CF grass problem

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Yep, grass/snow degrades when you walk on it. USELESS FEATURE NINTY! I am thinking of hacking the game to get the grass back! Unless Nintendo sends a fix for this! Don't make me Time Travel! Aw sod it, I am not going to play AC CF for a while now!

Wow, typing with no keyboard attached to the Wii is hard work! I think I will have to save up for one!

New videos and Merry christmas

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I have not done a blog for ages. So, here it is.

I am first going to show you two new videos.

Sorry if I am rambling on.

Anyway, tomorrow is Christmas and I am excited. Unfortunately, some fathers are spending christmas without their children due to a silly law that says 'Fathers are not allowed to see their children except for in court.' relating to child custody.

I noticed something from Pikmin on Nintendogs in the second-hand shop.

What else has gone on? Oh yeah. My sister has some serious anger management problems. It really upsets me every bloody time she and mum is arguing and shouting. I sometimes try to be patient but when it really gets nasty, I blow my fuse. I really can't help it. Especially if I am trying to watch my favourite programmes in peace and quiet.

Anyway, enjoy my videos.

Whooo! I have a Wii!

Yes, I really do have the Nintendo Wii! It is awesome! I have got a new Samsung 19" HD LCD TV as well for the Playroom. It is so cool!

I have got Super Smash Bros Brawl and Wii Sports along with the Wii accessories! Funniest thing about SSBB is launching your foes and some of the Assist Trophies. The other funny things are some of the stages. Wierdest is the WarioWare stage! Smilie

I need help with creating a Mii that looks like Phoenix Wright! Any suggestions?

I am free from ma cast!

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Wehay! I have my cast off and I am walking normally now! No more crutches! I am seriously happy and I had a bath yesterday (as well as a good scratch)! Rose the hamster is ok and she is seriously active! Bad news, Hockley Post office is on the verge of closure. I will still be able to top up and get chocolate there though. I also have finished my exams! To celebrate, I had Pizza at Il Pomodoro, the local Italian restaurant!

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