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Certainly not a Disaster - Day of Crisis...

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I just wrote a review for 'Disaster - Day of Crisis'. I never entirely believed cubed3 when they rated this game an 8 out of ten. But now I do.

I hope this game get's recognized and bought. It most certainly is worth as much as RE4 imho and it is a seldom approach from Nintendo to stir into more deeper and core-gaming waters.

You don't have a lot of these games on Wii. And considering Red Steel is until this day considered a great core game for Wii-owners, then this one will thrill you too. I think it has a more realistic but nonetheless equal atmospheric approach to your Wiimote.

For all you complaining about the 10.999 compilation of mini games and Ubisoft selling your console to grannies with handbags and families with only Wii Sports in mind, get this game. Core and great as it is, does it deserve your attention. Buy it.

That one and World of Goo... *lol*

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