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won me a 360!

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Oh Hai Guyz...

As you may or may not be aware, I graduated from University last year, and have been seeking relevant employment ever since whilst pulling in overtime like a bitch at a retail job.

Well, no more for I have been offered a relevant job that is just a 5 minute walk from my house at what is one of the top 10 best companies in the UK to work for. Fewer hours, for double the pay of what I currently get

For the past 6 years, I have had fun times, as well as bad times. I am in no way going to miss the job, as it was shit with little in the way of future prospects. The people I met and worked with have been awesome. A lot of them have been awesome, really supportive.

It's also bound to be good for the weight and wallet, as I will no longer be tempted by the stuff I see whilst at work which I would then buy at the end

And of course, now that there isn't the fact we work together getting in the way, I may be able to see where things go with a certain colleague

Some time in the next few weeks, expect a huge post of things I buy whilst still having the 10% discount

The results are in...

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I got my university results earlier today, and I got me a 2:1 (B) overall. Not too shabby, considering I thought I'd done a load worse in parts of the degree.

So now I am BSc (Hons) in Multimedia Technology and Design. This should hopefully make job hunting easier...

And now, I need to find me some alcohol

So long, education

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I finally finsihed my Multimedia Course at University. Huzzah! Unfortunately that does mean I have to actually find a job...eep! I do however get to put BSc after my name. HAving done the maths, it seems I need only average a C on everything but my worst module and I'd get a 2.1 average (B overall), Bs would comfortably get me there or even the awesomeness of a 1st (A overall)...Last year I did not think I would be in such a position...

Instead of actually going out a finding a job, I am currently instead working on creating a 3D animated short with a bunch of people at university. Should be something good to exhibit/show people in the future.

On the subject of women, there is a certain someone who I am close seems everyone thinks we are going out but the two of us. Hopefully it can actually move to a state where we are actually together. I'm ashamed to say I watched Glee with her the other week, and actually sort of thought it was not too bad.

Lost finished yesterday, utterly amazing end to 6 years. The more I mull over the ending, the more and more satisfied I become with what actually happened. Started to watch the show from the start again, noticing new things that were referenced in more recent episodes.

Also, Ashes to Ashes ended. Not a bad ending, worked well with the show. Still liked Life on Mars better, except the US version was a little bit rubbish and just seemed intent to cram as many David Bowie references as possible.

You stay classy, Cubed3

Take Back the City

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Randomly, through O2, I managed to bag a couple of free tickets to see Snow Patrol. Not really my thing, but hey, I won't say no to anything thats free.

And so I went on an epic drive half way round the M25 (not much of interest there really, lots of Green and, oddly, Traffic Lights half way there) into London.

Having got lost somewhere on the way there, we finally made it to the O2, feeling hungry. Upon entering, however, hopes of getting food fast were dashed as there were massive queues outside every single restaurant there. It took an hour and a half to get sat down, then all of 15 minutes to eat and leave.

Fuck me, is the actual arena big. Really big. And our seats, being the freebies that they were, were absolutely terrible. The stage was so far away, and we were really high up.

There were four drunken knobs in front of us who could barely stanfd up, but insisted on trying at every opportunity, and slurred the lyrics to the songs completely.

Not really being a fan when I went in (hey, I only thought I knew two of their songs), I came out more impressed than I had expected. In fact, they were actually quite good, and hearing 20000 people all singing Run back at them was amazing.

And as for the Encore, it was brilliant, and accompanied by some awesome looking 3D animations, bringing the night to a perfect end.

The journey back was even less interesting, although it did allow me to complete the lap of the M25 back up to Watford.

Also, this is something I made for an assignment at university. It's a single frame of an animation I had to do using 3DS Max, but uploading the entire thing would probably take an age with my internet being as it currently is. Don't think its too bad considering what little 3D I have actually been taught and how quickly I put it together. Took 52 hours to render the whole thing though...using those mental ray lights might not have been the best idea ever.

The only thing I don't like are the books, but I really didn't know how to do them.

Explosions in Watford!!!

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Last night, I was driving home to Watford, when all of a sudden there was an explosion, and the field next to the car was suddenly ablaze. At first I thought WTF!!!!

But then, I realised where it was - Leavesden Studios.

We got out of the car on the nearby bridge, and just stood there watching what was happening, although you couldn't really see that much apart from a few faint outlines and cameras moving around. Wish I had a camera with me now...

However, I don't remember any explosions in Harry Potter an the Half Blood Prince...


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So I took my 3rd driving test today, and failed...yet again.

But this time is even more annoying than the last as I failed when I was on my way back to the test centre, practically just outside of it. Very annoyed. Very annoyed indeed. I did so well on the rest of the test as well, with only 7 faults, no 2 in the same thing.

On the plus side, it is my birthday pretty soon, on the 42nd day of the year no less, and I get to go to Amsterdam!! This, naturally will be purely educational and will looking in particular at the architecture and is in no way related to coffee shops and red lights. Apparently they have some very nice windows there Smilie.

Brunel, eh?

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So I am now officially a University student at Brunel University. As it stands, my timetable is the suckiest thing in the world.

Mondays 2-7
Tuesdays 12-1 (every other week), then 6-7
Wednesday Off!!!
Thusday 9-11, then 6-7
Friday 9-1, then 6-7
This has apparently changed, but I can't access it so I don't know what it is now

Those big gaps would be bearable if there was actually some work to do (beats doing it at home). However, there currently isn't and so I must spend 17 hours a week doing nothing whilst at University (and its pointless to go home as I'd just have to go back later)

The lecturers seem alright at the moment. One of them keeps getting distracted by himself, and thinks its alright if we somehow accidentally download software free.

On another note, my sister got a Wii for her birthday, but since she's always busy doing teacher stuff she's only played it a couple of times. She got Pirates of the Caribbean (Shit), Big Brain Academy (meh), SSX Blur (alright, i guess) and the customary Wii Sports (fun for a while). I kinda actually enjoy playing it, which is a total U-Turn for me as I thought the whole idea was stupid, and thought Graeme (knighty) was kind of a fool for getting one.

Viva Espana! (Or Why I Hate Spain)

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So i just got back from holiday having spent what i hoped would be a week of relaxing/drunking on the sand in the Costa Del Sol...but it was a total nightmare.

The security people at the airport were being right bastards. My shoes needed to be scanned 3 times to ensure that i was not carrying a bomb in them, and my hand luggage was scanned twice as they thought that my iPod was a bomb.

After the plane left (4 hours late) from London Luton, we were informed that there was little food and only a few drinks available for purchase as it had not been restocked. Then, needing a drink i went to a vending machine in Malaga airport, but it stole my money.

After getting my suitcase, we had to join the queue to get the rental car. I was then told that my car was still not ready for me, and that i must wait around for them to sort it out (this took a further hour).

So, finally 6 hours later than expected i was unleashed on the Spanish roads...and this is where the real fun began. After taking the wrong turning out of the airport, we drove around Malaga trying to find our way back to the other side of the motorway so we could be on our way to the apartment. At one point, i even drove out of teh city and ended up on a mountain where i accidentally clipped a car on the left wing and promptly drove off. So after finding our way back to Malaga, we found a road to get back to where we needed to be...but couldn't turn into it as left turns weren't allowed here.

After finding the way back to the motorway, we were at the apartment in 15 minutes. After this nightmare on the first day, all i could say was thank god for the wheel insurance i took out (i hit the curb a lot)

Unfortunately, our apartment was right next to some spanish bastards apartment who complained about everything. Apparently, we couldn't jump in the pool, we had to use steps. We couldn't be on the balcony, as it disturbed his sleep. We couldn't use our car parking space, as he parked there. And apparently we weren't allowed to return to the apartment after 9 o clock as we woke his baby up. The bastard.

There are also a number of rude drivers on the road, who try to force you off of them, or honk if you go just 5 km/h under the speed limit, or shout at you as they speed past or just generally get annoyed at anything. Also, i never got used to sitting in the opposite side of a car, and on the other side of the road.

Whenever we were at the beach, or restaurants (even McDonalds), we couldn't move as so many Senegalese people tried to sell there fake handbags, watches, purses, DVDs and general crap as the genuine article. I did manage to get 3 DVDs (Transformers, Die Hard 4.0 and Ratatouille) for

Those Crazy old Japanese

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I recently borrowed a friends copy of Genji on PS3, and i must say WOW!!Smilie Its based on Japanese History, with ACTUAL battles from the time, and what a history it is.

Japan, 1187
So the Genji clan defeated the evil Heishi clan, but not compltely it seems. They came back, and made a deal with some demon people who gave them all sorts of powers including weird force field things, and some gem thing to make normal people merge with demons

Everyone knew about that Giant Enemy Crab, however, apparently Japan was overrun with them at the time. A number of people apparently died fighting these just because they did not know that they had to flip it over and attack its weak point for MASSIVE DAMAGE!!!

The people also had such cool powers back then, including the ability to transport to some weird place with enemies surrounding them and then kill them all with th press of a button. They also could real-time weapon change back then, cycling through numerous but pretty much the same weapons in the blink of an eye. Furthermore, there was the ability to change to a totally different form by jumping off screen

Also, there was this dude who was an incarnate the God of War (in the form of a bad guy) running around the battlefields of ancient Japan as some wierd fairy people bought him to life.

As you can see, Japanese History is obviously so much cooler than any other history ever. Even Japan today sucks, what with them fixing the outbreak of Crabs and the removal of their ability for real-time weapon change.

On another note, Genji Days of The Blade is a more of a 'meh' game, the craptacular camera, and the battles based on "Actual" japanese history, and the fact that just about everything in the game is in real time (thats right, not just weapons). Also, its just a shame the gameplay is soooo boring and repetitive. You have to change characters in places to do 1 thing, then change back to the first character to continue. There is also a lack of Undo options, so if you try to upgrade a weapon, you can't remove points you just allocated to it, they stay

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