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Little Quiz Thing

Britney Spears is a Fucking

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Hot little whore. Yes she damn well is. I mean damn. Anyone else get amazingly turned on by that whole


Wow, check this fucking irony. Emo culture is meant to be spurred off by Blogs and people getting pissey with their lives and then writing about it, so other people can feel better about their lives as it is easier about reading other people

Ramblings of a Horny Teen...

Jessica Alba is fit. I know this for a fact. I

Hey, who touched that button?

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Call it sad, call it funny, but it is better than even money that the guys only doing it for some

You Gotta be Shitting Me...

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WARNING contains the word

How Deep is Your Mock?

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Your mock...your mock. Damn those Beegees adverts all over the underground, I don't even like them but they seem to have lodged themselves into my subconscious somehow, damn it!

But the gaming in London was very cool, got beaten thoroughly and spent most if it watching how it should be done, but was cool. A bit of a shame that is was better on Sunday apparently, but no use moping.

Mocks today went OK, RE and History just involved loads of writing, while Maths went pretty bad, but seeing as my teacher said it doesn't matter if I do badly I am not to worried, as changing groups at the beginning of the year meant I missed out on a lot of work.

So anyway, mocks, great, a pain, but great, revising the night before seems to be doing something, not sure if it will work with the sciences, but we shall see the results. They are just mocks. I hope.

Anyway, onto my juicy love life, and how juicy it is to. Last Saturday I was up all night breaking another heart. This is getting fucking ridiculous now that has been like four girls turned down in the space of three months. Fucking hell! This time is was this girl from America, who I have spoken to twice before and was aware she had a crush on me (Webcams rules) and speaking to her again for the first time in a while it seemed she had a boyfriend. Nice I thought, but 4 hours later when he left AIM, she was saying she was going to leave him

How are We Meant to Feel?

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Today at 12, we had the three minute silence for those who died in the tsunami and have been affected by the tragic disaster, and while I would like to say my heart bled and I was brought to my knees by sorrow, I can't. It is strange, I have loads of mates who have family in Sri Lanka and are Tamil or Singhalese, but none of them lost anyone, which was something I had been worrying about. But in those three minutes I couldn't actually think of anyone who had been affected. It is like trying to feel sorry for a German soldier who died in WW1 when you know so little about them. Without a personality or history you just can't comprehend or feel for someone who is only a whisper to you.

So what did I spend those three minutes doing. Not a lot really, but after some extensive thinking and yelling into silence (Thank you my Aunt's empty house) I have come to a decision. Yes it is conclusion time to the epic drama of Sharp

Story Time

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The Adventures of Sharpshot Part VII- Director's Cut (Special Edition)

One of the aspects of The Lord of the Rings that always sticks in my mind, is the moment where Pippin and Gandalf are in Gondor, looking on at Mordor and Mount Doom. In this scene Pippin explains how the silence worries him, as it is the deep plunge before the battle. Something he does not want to take part in and can no escape.

Why does this interest me? It is something we all feel, especially on the brink of doing something we do not want to do and are nervous about. But whereas I still have some time before my mocks that are causing me the greatest worry, I think it is more the silence of it all that worries me. While Pippin had Gandalf to reassure him, I'm lacking a White Wizard, and that is really what interests me.

Some of the greatest films of all time are only so, not due to an amazing story, great direction, amazing performances or revolutionary camera uses, it is down to one simple thing. Union between characters. What have the new Star Wars movies lacked in comparison to the Classic films; there has been no sense of union. While in the Classic Trilogy you always had Chewie, Leia, Han, Luke, R2 and Threepio together, in the new trilogy there has only been Anakin and Obi, or Obi and Qui-Gon whoever formed some sort of company.

The same with the Fellowship of the Ring, arguably the best LOTR film as gfor the majority all the main characters are together. So what is the point of all this? Love and cherish your friends? Make sure you make friends with Wookies and Droids? Episode III will probably not be as good as the Classic Trilogy films?

All of the above possibly, but I think it also is the point that a life of solitude sucks, and that is why Superman got with Louis Lane in the end, as much as cool as a fortress with Marlon Brando's head in was, getting some loving was probably cooler to him. See, he is human after all!

So band together in your bleakest hours and what is more make sure that you don

There's Always One...

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Right, before I get negative, first Happy New Year everyone, hope you all had a good time, and if you got pissed, didn't embarrass yourself to much.

Ok, now time to be negative. If you've ever been expecting something, you know how disappointed you feel when it doesn't turn out to be as good as you hoped for. Or how pissed off you are when you never get it. Something strange happened to me, as I felt neither of those things.

For regular readers (All 6 of you), remember that girl trouble I was having. Well I decided it was time to do something, so opened my heart in a very un-poetic way and told her everything I felt. Her reaction was a mix of "really?" "wow" and "thank you" and then she had to go. Day 2, I try and go and explain a little further, and even more disbelief and shock. This confused me, I mean not only did she not tell me how she felt; she didn't even acknowledge the damn thing unless I brought it up. When I finally pushed it out of her on Day 3, I discovered because her best mate had been after me for like a year now (Despite me telling her no a while back) there was no way anything could happen.

Great I thought, that

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