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Finally Some Sort of Coverage...

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Newspaper Article

doesnt help that I look awful in that picture... but at least they spelt my name right Smilie

Reality Check

Well, I went to the first 'shoot' today for the competition... I was pretty nervous going in but it was ok. The other winners were pretty nice, and the other girl who won does my waxing o_o So anyway, there were loads of clothes changes for various shots and hopefully they'll be in the paper to be printed on friday... I'll post up a scan of it when it's done Smilie

Not got much else to say really, I'm still in a state of disbelief...

I need to go to work now Smilie


Broken Saints

Stupid blog didnt post properly... anyway, I basically said this...

Some of you may remember that the lovely people of C3 held a Broken Saints competition and I was one of the top winners. I've got my wonderful prizes through, but one of them is a framed picture which I don't have any need for (I thought it was gonna be a soundtrack Smilie). So I'm selling it on eBay. I thought that somebody on here might be interested in it...

Broken Saints Framed Picture

Hopefully all the information you'd need will be on that eBay page. Sorry about the photos being really crap, they don't do the picture justice at all. It's a really nice picture I just don't have anywhere to put it Smilie

If you need any more information on it either contact me through eBay or drop me a pm.

I entered a model competition two weeks ago...

I am one of the four finalists in the Edwards of Lancaster promotional competition....

oh my God...

oh my God.........


I had my haircut today and I think it looks really good Smilie

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It might not look too different in the pic, but believe me, it is, its about 2 and a half/3 inches shorter and I've got a sweeping fringe now. It was the first time I'd been to that salon and I'm definitely going again, you get treated like a princess! Well, more than I have been in salons... and it's not even that much more expensive for a designer stylist! Score! Happy days for me!

I've just started reading loads again, just finished 'Diaries of an Internet Lover' which might be a bit saucy for some of you, but it's so funny. This woman from London goes and puts ads on a dating website for sex and doesn't really get that much action (as much as she would like anyway!) and meets some right weirdos, including an adult baby... yuk...

I think I'll start on one of Richard and Judy's summer reads, either The Abortionist's Daught or My Best Friend's Girl as I've borrowed both from the library.


Hospital Adventures

Don't think I can be bothered putting this in two blogs, so if you wanna know what happened to me on Thursday night, be my guest Smilie


Edit - Here's a copy of the entry in the blog above Smilie I really don't know why I didn't copy and paste yesterday, but my brain wasn't really working... Smilie
Thanks to those who replied on the other blog though Smilie

**This happened on the night of Thursday the 10th of August and I think I might be writing it in parts and then posting it when I

Buy My Stuff - Part 2!

Now Playing: Mario Power Tennis

Ok, well the first 'Buy my stuff' topic was by Mike, but it's using my ebay account so I thought I'd put up a blog this time Smilie On sale this time are -

Pirates of the Carribean Dead Man's Chest GBA

Tales of Phantasia GBA

Lost in Blue

They're a little more expensive this time as they're all barely played (if you can call 10 minutes of play-time being used...). So if you want any of them, please buy them as we need the money Smilie

And like Sue, I recently got to 1000 posts on cubed3 (huzzah for me!) but I've not been blogging on here as much due to going the same route as John and signing up with blogger

That's my blog on there in case you're interested, although I'm probably going to be a bit more honest in that than I am in here, so try to be nice Smilie


P.S I still love my pink DS Lite Smilie

It is in my possession!!!

Now Playing: My pink DSL!!!

helloooo everyone!

As you may know, I received my pink DS Lite yesterday, but due to C3 being down I wasn't about to gloat and post up pictures Smilie So here they are now instead!

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Pink DS Lite and box. If you have bought a UK one, you may know the size of the box - look at this one! It's so tiny and cute!

Image for

Pink DSL and my free USB adaptor charger and a crappy 'UK style' one I bought from play-asia that doesn't even fit in UK power sockets. One of the metal bits is the wrong shape... oh well, I've let them know anyway and bought one from GameStation. I thought it would be worth it as it was only

Fire Alarm!

Right, first off I'll answer the question that was asked in my last blog, but I know if I reply in the comments it won't get read Smilie

My hometown is Abingdon, about 6 miles south of Oxford. I know where Eynsham is, Microsoft, but I don't think I've ever been there properly.

Anyways, about the fire alarm.

Me and Mike got back to my flat about 5pm yesterday afternoon and all was good, settling back in and getting some washing done. I was looking forward to watching Bad Lads Army, when the bloody fire alarm goes off (this is around 8:45pm). Confused we all go downstairs to the assembly point, phone the fire brigade and the security people for the building and wait. 12 minutes later the fire brigade turn up, even though we're two minutes (if that) away from the station. How do they know we weren't on fire?? They checked it out and apparently it was my flatmate's alarm in his room. He smokes and so I think that must have set it off, even though he said that he wasn't smoking at the time (it was so stuffy and smokey in there... blargh...). So when the firemen worked this out, they wrote a report and then told us that they didn't know how to turn the bloody system off and we had to wait for the security man to turn up. We waited over 45 minutes for him to turn up. I should remind you that at this point the alarms are still on and hurting my ears Smilie So he turns up and it takes a further half an hour for him to turn it off (he goes upstairs and looks in all the rooms, even though the firemen already did that...). I'm well miffed because I missed my program and I'm trying to get on with things by reading in my room, but the noise is too much for me to cope with (my ears are quite sensitive and it was driving me mad Smilie)

When the alarm finally went off I didn't even realise, my ears were still really sore, in fact they still are now. I find it ridiculous how it took that long to turn the bloody fire alarm off, and how we could have been burning down Smilie

My other flatmate had a BBQ on the balcony a few weeks ago and that didn't set the alarms off (she got a right bollocking though Smilie). I think the guy just didn't have his window open when he was smoking and it just built up, or something.

Oh well, that was my welcome home to Lancaster Smilie At least I got to meet the new girl living upstairs... Smilie


P.S Stand by for a pink DS lite filled update in a few hours *squeals* can't wait!!! Smilie

I won't be here either!

Just thought that I'd put up a little blog saying that me and Mike will be away until Tuesday visiting my family in Oxfordshrie (groan). We'll probably come online a little bit, but not as much.

Just letting you know Smilie Even though you probably do already... And my arm really hurts as yesterday I had a small surgical procedure on my arm and I have a bandage on it Smilie It really hurts when I brush it lightly against stuff Smilie If I feel like it, I might add another blog telling you all about it Smilie

See ya!


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