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Howdy friends

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Just wanted to take this little blog, plucked it right out of the endless void that is my mind, and just ask all of you folks here at C3, how are you doing? What's going on? What is your favorite past-time? ex. Masturbation. Get it? It's quite a simple concept.

PSP Games

Alrighty fellas, I have reached a stump in my searches for a good PSP game, you know what to do...

Me new PSP

Alrighty folks, I got a new PSP with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, getting my Wi-Fi setup now, having some troubles, but LOVING MY PSP it's the best!


Alrighty Folks, so tomorrow I will be purchasing a PSP, sweet. Problem, I can buy one game to start with, which will it be. So far, I have decided to buy Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, it looks like a great game, but I'm also considering Final Fantasy Crisis Core, or any other Final Fantasy really, one of the Star Oceans, or and good RPG or Adventure game. Now I'm sure you can all guess the question, what game should I purchase? Also games that involve summoning/magical things

Thank you Friends,


Okay, I AM IN DIRE NEED OF A GOOD RPG FOR DS!!! Please, if anybody has some suggestions, they will be much appreciated.


Like many people here at C3 I took a little journey to E3. IT WAS AMAZING! From the PSP Go! to Project Natal PS3 Motion Control and everything else, it went way past expectation. However the PSP Go! particularly caught my interest, seeing as it was the only new "console" like announcement. However it does have some lesser technical specifications, like a smaller screen

DSi vs. PSP

DSi or PSP? Which one?

Megaman Starforce-ness

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Alright now I'm not sure how many MMSF players we have out in C3, but I know that I rather enjoyed the first game and am planning on getting the next (I will be getting Zerker x Ninja). More to the point, I was wondering if anyone perhaps has Megaman Starforce 2 (preferably Zerker x Saurian) and would like to join me in some online play and whatever other online capabilities this game possesses. We're all friends here, so post or PM if it peaks your interest. err whatever that phrase is

Pokemon skitzophrania

This always happens when choosing the new starters. Piplup or Turtwig. I had Piplup in the Diamond Version, awesome, and I had Turtwig in the other version of Diamond, he was cool too, not as cool, but I usually focus on the end evolution and they're both boss. It seems like this would be the place to go to get game help.

Main C3ers

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Has anyone noticed that there's only a select few on C3 that are actually active and posting on this site, they're like the original C3 team. The people that were mostly on when I first joined. I'm not saying I'm one of them, but I've noticed a whole bunch of people joining the site that aren't really on and they don't have avatars. However, some are the ones getting on every chance they get to make the website cool and new. Mostly mods and level 60+, yes, but they're just like the main cool people, that are most known on C3.

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