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Ha, you know what I love...

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well, do you?
Well i'll tell you...

When you get ill
and break up with your girlfriend
and fall behind on a story YOU STARTED
then get through a 3 and a half THOUSAND word essay
and nearly finish the chapter
than have your computer hauled away because of a MASSIVE system crash
then get absolutly raped by your teacher for a "terrible excuse"
ASWELL as other love life and friend problems
All in the space of about 6 days...

So im posting this from my uncles shitty replacement pc
That probably couldnt even run tetris at low r es
because the hamster on its wheel will get too tired...

So Jacob, if your reading this - which I hope you are - Im really sorry for holding up the story
And i'll begin re-writing it tonight when I get in from basketball practise.


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I love how girls fuck guys about


Then are like
"Guys are cunts, I hate them" and other such pissing bollocks!

We're the cunts?!

Atleast we tell you straight if we dont like you
And dont fucking lead you on!

I might as well become a fucking monk!
Its so much pissing easier!

Hows everyone else?

Gap Year shit

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Just finished doing all my UCAS crap for when I start Uni in 2008 and it was a piece of piss, statement is sorted and I know where im going and what I wana do (first class of this perfect new course that is exclusivly done by Northumbria Uni, which is at my doorstep basically Smilie), and have set all my applications so I just need to pay and send it off, which we dont have to do til we get back after the summer, which is ace.

Anyway, what im writing about is that im taking a gap year AFTER uni (weird, I know) and before I start work...basically traveling to places ive always wanted to go , namly Japan, USA, Fiji, Samoa, New Zealand and Austrailia, and I was just a little concerned about cost/money issues etc.

Basically what I wana know is that if anyone who does a bit of travelling before/after uni/at all and how much it cost them/how they got the money and things.

Any help would be really helpful Smilie

Free DS

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Well, my phone contract has about 9 months until it expires and im on the lookout for a new phone, new deal and a new company because, bascially, Orange are shit!

My current deal is unlimited texts, 800 mins for

Final Basketball update.

Well, got back from my third fucking trial about a half hour ago and it was an absolute pisstake.

Last week the head coach said he waned to observe me again because he couldnt decide, and I should come back I did and he said the exact same thing, so I gotta go back NEXT Wednesday.

I took him to the side at the end of the session and asked him why I didnt get picked etc and this is what he said - "Fundamentally, your there. If you were 3" bigger youd be in the squad no doubt. Just work on your fundamentals at training and I really dont see why I wont pick you come the tournament"

PISSTAKE! Im 6ft 3 and not a skinny guy, im close to 14 stone...still the smallest forward thats bin picked. There rest are 6ft6 6ft7 6ft9 6ft10 6ft10.5 and 6ft11...and this is under 17's!

So...this probably wont be the final report lol, come tourny time I WILL be in that squad...expect to hear from me again in a couple months.

The joys of the PS3...

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A funny story that I think will make you all laugh, least I hope so. It made me laugh :p

One of my friends recently got conned into buying a PS3 for

Basketball update

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Well...had my trial today, just gotten in ruffly 10 minutes ago, and im fucking knackered lol.

Was a good day really, lots of very talented players there, and I got called back for next week among most of the other of my teammates

Gotta go back next Wednesday at the same time where they will probably cut out a few more...there will be ruffly 20 there next week and they are looking for a team of 12...owch lol.

Wish me luck for then aswell Smilie

Highlight of my career...

As some of you may know I play basketball for a national league team and we're quite well known. Manager is head coach of the most successful team in the BBL, Newcastle Eagles, and we have the best players in the league.

Anyway, what im getting at is that tonight I was told I was chosen, among others from my team, for trails to represent the North East of England...needless to say im fucking extatic.

Not sure who else will be there, bt there will be the best players in the north of England there, and im very nervous. Next Wednesday is the day of reckoning...expect and update then Smilie

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Well, I eventually did what I promised i wouldnt do til much later...I traded in my Wii.

Some may ask why...others already know. I got tired of waiting for decent games and im sick of it. It sits there gathering dust, slowly rotting away...pointlessly.

So, I took it to CEX in town and got:


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After an already shite week, ive found out that my uncle past away today...i didnt even know he was ill...

I guess i just wanted to say goodbye to him...and i never got the chance...

RIP Uncle...and goodbye

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