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Texting while driving? (bo1)

Horraayyy Monday

texting while driving is being talked about becoming a law to stop it. They banned talking while driving in California as i'm conserned. Now think about, they don't care if you text... That's like banning knifes but promoting guns. What are your thoughts at Texting While Driving?

Ash, no not Ketchum from pokemon, the volcanic eruption under ice airlines are now shutting down and so is the economy because nothing goes in or comes out of the countrie(s)

Also, something about terrorists.

Science guys found out why bacon and chocolate is so appealing. They fed 5 mice bacon and chocolate and fed 5 normal rat stuff. And after a week when they tried to eat they'd zap the mice. The thin ones just acted like "douchy scientist" and the fatty ones would eat through the pain (eating to death implied here) so it's basicly cocain for the brain

that's what intrested me, what about you?

Blogger of 1: Time for titles

Ok now I will start putting witty titles as my headers not
"Blogger of One"

LA Police officer that led Los Angelas in 1992 died of his pure Oldie-disease. I am sad but will get over it mainly because we were put into this world with intent what we'd live out life die and then find something to do in the afterlife?

Gay rights? WHAT TWO GUYS WANT TO TOUCH EACH OTHER THAT'S NOT GODLY<- Well bitch nobody asked you how's it their fault they we're made like that? School is discrimenatind LEsbians or just two girls who go together for prom, this was in the news 5-6 weeks ago but now is happining in my school.

Honastly WTF?

Q.O.T.D (Question of the day) What are your thoughts on homosexual intercourse should it be avoided? appreciated? Or should we just not care?

Again I am late for issues that are coming to an end so I might be on schedual now

Blogger of One the MISSED Day

Ya I missed a day get the fuck over it. I had to do alot of personal stuff and not Cubed3

China suffered from another Earthquake which was a 6.3ish on the scale. 2010 year of the Eartquake with Haiti, Chile, Italy, China and Indonesia this is the year of not the Tiger but the Earthquake (get it Smilie)

I was thinking about Obesity and it's not the kids fault it's 1 of 3 or a combonation of 3
A) Parents - they'd usually be more interested in Texts, Emails, Voicemails instead of the health of their children.
B)Media - Advertizing the food which the kids will say "I can eat that it's not THAT big!"
C) MCDONALDS, Eh not really but they're most favorited by families in USA then Burger King then Taco Bell.

Yes It's a short BO1 But I have personal issues at the momment.

Blogger of one day 2

Next Call of Duty game is taking place in Vietnam maybe they're including the clifhanger of Modern Warfare2 in Vietnam.

There was a terrible mining disaster Thats questioning saftey around mines. Do you think the people who are worried are over-reacting? Or safety is shit?

2million year old fossils tell us that there were Dinosaurs, but no humans?they're looking for cilivization and are close to the answer

Our douch bag today is - Tiger Woods? Yes he's still a douch since his neighbor admited Tiger did a favor (wink wink)

that's all that mattered to me this Friday April 9 thanks for reading

Question - what are some news your interested in?

Blogger of one the first day.

Happy Monday.

A earthquake was in Mexican areas yesterday a 7.2 but it was no where near the catostrophy of the hati or. Chile earthqake.

"Joyest terrorists"Smilie bombed a small portion of the US killing a meer 6 out of a possible 167
angry terrorists are killing US Politicts? Yes but is Mr. Obama doing anything? No so why is he our president???? I have no idea because he is more worried about the NCAA (collage) basketball brakets.

Douchebag of the day
The South African residents? Yes because they are assuring that everyone is safe for the world cup after someone "unexpected ly" died there

That's all that intrested me this Monday, April 5

I am typing on my itouch so spelling and grammer will be off

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