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Mother F#%@ER!

Damn... red ring-o-death has occurredSmilie... don't know if my warranty is still any good. Anyone know how long their's is supposed to cover?

All my gadgets seems to be failing me left and right.

Virus Cleanup

Well, I have something like that. I used Norton antivirus, now my lappy is a little less buggy, but it keeps saying it's still infected, and now I have new problems. I can no longer get to the control panel, leaving me without a way to add/remove programs, make new account's, and all the other good stuff. I still don't know too much about computers, so I don't know what's wrong. I need thy help fellow residents of C3, your my only hope!

Florida, F YEAH!

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Well, one 24 hour drive, one 8 hour interval, and two cups of blueberry flavored vodka later, finally made it down here. Just a bit tipsy while typing here, so spare me... oh wait, firefox spell check... cool.

Well, a friend of mine is getting married, they met in an Oklahoman collage, the fianc


I finally have my lappy back! After weeks of diagnostics, waiting, and more waiting, I finally got it to work. Sadly, all my files, music, and drawings are gone, though I can always get music back and draw more drawings. But now no sound is coming out of my speakers. If it's not one thing, it's anotherSmilie.


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This pissed me off. The dumbass peanut butter guys must have decided it was a good idea to lt some lizards and turtles wander around in a batch of peanut butter and still put it out on store shelves or something...

We've got a thing of peanut butter with the same fuckin'number, and I've eaten at least a fourth of the contaminated, econo-size shit. I haven't shown symptoms yet, but those ASSHOLES, ARG!SmilieSmilieSmilieSmilie

Update: Well, it's been over a day since I've eaten it and I feel fine, so I should be in the clear. There have been only 300 reported cases nationwide and they have issued a recall for the contaminated jars.

It still just twirks me off that they could let something normally gotten from reptiles, raw chicken and raw eggs into something else totally unrelated, and there is still no explaination for how it got in it.

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