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Bought a PS3...

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So I did something I never thought i'd do, I actually bought a PS3! Got a great deal

University Applications :(

so im at the stage in college were i have to apply for university, and lets just say im not enjoying. Ive written my personal statement which i think is quite good, and i managed to get it down to the 4000 character limit!! But the whole UCAS application process is giving me serious rage Smilie all the crap that they make you have to enter just a waste of time... oh well i guess if i want to get to university then im just going to have to do all this crap and hey who knows going to uni might just help me get into working for nintendo! which would be pretty cool!!Smilie


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Well its almost here and i cant wait! It seems like such a long time ago that we were told that we would have to wait until September to find out the final price and release date of Wii but at last its almost here!!! I cant wait to just get the facts and finally see the rumor mill explode in a nintendo shaped ploom of smoke... so yer i guess i just cant wait Smilie

Jay-Z soon!!

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so Jay-Z's performing at wembley on the 24th september and im going!!! woooooo yer!!!! its the first concert ill have been to and if Jay is as good as they say then it will definatley be one to remember yeah cant wait!!!!!!! Smilie

Crossbeam.... hey dont they make wii games?

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so as im sat here ive just got the best news ever!! i write for and through that ive just been invited to take part in the site interview with crossbeam studios!!i mean im really excited that im going to be talking to people who have played wii and are making games for them, but thats not what im really excited about, theres the "possibility of seeing/playing wii" and as i sit here waiting for next month so that i can go to them i am almost wetting myself with anticipation. wooooooo crossbeam!!

What a turn around!!

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Well im shocked! i was ranting about how GAME give Nintendo and DS stuff crappy little spots in there shops when they'll clearly shouldnt but what a turn around, i was there yesterday and the PSP stand has been changed to DS and DS Lite stand its huge and at last DS has got its spot in the store that it should!! As well i was downloading a demo from the station and i heard a customer say which next-gen console should i buy? and the guy immediatley replied with Nintedo Wii! its cheaper much more fun to play and it looks amazing, along with this there is limitless potential for the controller and the online play will be something else!
so i was like wow complete shock GAME are giving Nintendo the publicity and instore advertising that they should be getting... its getting closer and closer Nintendo's take over of the World all hail emporer Shigsy lol!! Smilie

Well there goes a chunk of my outdoor time!!

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so last friday i got my DS Lite, a black one, and i was really excited it looks great plays well and the screens are awesome. so for that first week i was playing my older games like mario 64 DS and was in awe of how good they look on DS Lite, but i was thinking what is new super mario bros gunna look like? so yesterday i got it and i was amazed! the colours were vibrant the sounds were great and the gameplay is awesome and i was playing and playing then i looked at the clock in my bedroom and it was 5pm id been playing since 11am and it got me thinking once agian ive bought a Mario game and ive lost 6 hours of my life in the first day and i realise then that in trying to finish New super Mario Bros to the 100% that i can will take a long time and i will lose a massive chunk of both my outdoor time and my social life!! but who cares its not like im a plant and i need to sun to live is it! so i think ill go and enjoy some more quality time with me and my DS Lite!! Smilie

What the Hell is up with GAME?

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okay so by now everyone reading should know that DS Lite is out and to go with this the original DS' sales completley destroy the psp's woldwide... so why when i go into pretty much any GAME store that they still have a huge PSP section and big banners for the roof and window promoting it and the 'new' white version? and the DS has a crappy little corner section and only 2 banners in the window promoting the DS Lite? really annoys me!! someone should show the management just how much DS is doing damage to psp maybe just maybe DS may get the shelf space and in store advertising space that it deserves... as well whilst im ranting why do the people in game know nothing about games? i swear i went to get a job there and they said because of my lack of experience they couldnt employ me so i went down the next week and the guy that got the job was a complete retard!! why why why why why!!!!! okay im done much happier now!!Smilie

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