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Getting rid of some of my ol' tat on Ebay if anyone is interested which I doubt you are. Hurry though, only a couple of days left dudes


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Good mornin' chaps. Sorry I don't really visit here as much as I used to, I was never really a massive poster anyway but recently my input around these shores has been almost non-existant. The reason is essentially my decline of interest in all things Nintendo and more interest in music these days.

Anyway, getting off the point of this blog a little, I'm selling some of my Gamecube games on ebay and I'd much rather sell my stuff to a C3er than Andrew in Inverness or whatever. I've a few more I'm looking rid of including Baten Kaitos and stuff but I was going to wait to see how succesful this batch was first before I sell more. Let me link you anywho.

How much of a role does gaming play in your life?

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Recently, I've noticed that gaming doesn't really play as big of a role in my life as it used to. Strange this is, I come on to C3 nowadays more than ever. I'm not sure if it's me getting older, or games just not being as good it's just they haven't really sparked as much interest with me any more. When I was younger, myself and resident JD used to go and buy games like crazy. If there was a new release, we'd be up that Friday getting it. God knows how much money we've spent. Well with the release of the Wii, I finished Zelda and didn't really play it until Mario Football came out. I've dug it out recently and played that with my mates, it's great fun. The reason I make this blog is I recently saw something on the internet which really shocked me and made me think, how can anyone take gaming that seriously.

Gamers: do you feel "run down" in the middle of your marathon Counter-Strike sessions? Do you need a "pick me up"? Do you have no "dignity"? Then chomp on a Headshot, the energy bar made just for gamers...
Headshot Energy Bar for Gamers

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If this is what the games industry is coming to, I'm glad I'm starting to come out of it now.

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