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Houston, Wii have a console!

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Finally after months of searching far and wide.. I have bought a Wii!!

I went and asked at Game if they had Wii's on stock and he said "yeah" but I dind't really understand him so I said "Thanks and started to walk away!" Then the guy called me and said "Sir we have Wii's on stock!" and me face lit up with Joy!! Smilie

So anyway I got my Wii with Excite Truck and I'm very happy Smilie I will connect it to the internet tomorrow and i'll add some of you!!

Anyway I thought I should share my happiness with you kids!!

*Next console to buy is X360!*

I'm Going on Holiday!

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Good afternoon kids, Smilie

Just thought I'll let you all know, that I won't be here for the next 6 weeks, because I'm going on HO-LI-DAY... I'll be back in September Smilie
I'm going Italy, my uncle is getting married, I'm taking the scenic route so I'll be going by car stopping at different cities on the way *Eurotrip Style* Smilie Whoop Whoop!!!

So just wanted to say GOODBYE to you all, i hope you all have a lovely summer and enjoy yourselves, I shall miss you all dearly, I'm gonna try and stop at some random internet caf

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