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A funny thing happened on the way to Wisconsin...

I went to Wisconsin. This happened:

Image for

Image for

Image for

Image for

I lol'd.

New Shit!

Now Watching: An infomercial for John Beck's Property Vault. Good God.

I went to the bank today. I opened up a checking account. Yeah, fun. My first debit card should be arriving in about a week.

I ALSO went to an AT&T phone store. I bought a $15 Pay-As-You-Go phone and signed up for unlimited texting! Being new to the world of "txting" I spell out every word and use correct grammar. People laugh at me now. Smilie


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A while ago I wrote to Bawls. You know. The drink? Google it. Anyway, I was telling them how much I hate the new candy they put out. They replaced Bawls Mints with Bawls Buzz. I asked them to send me a tin of the old mints. When I came home from school, I find a package with a big ol' Bawls sticker on it. They sent me six tins of Bawls Mints. Man, that was awesome. Go spread the word. Maybe if they hear me say how awesome they are, they'll give me more free stuff! Smilie


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Remember a while back when I decided that the banner at the top of the page was anti-America? Well look it up, asshole. Anyway, I think they made this new site layout to disguise that!

But wait, there's more!

Is it just me or are Jacob4000 and JB the same person? I mean, no offense to either of you, but whenever I see Jacob's avatar and name, I just think he's JB for some reason. I think they are actually CLONES! That's why they remind me of each other. Now, they have some sort of plan to take over America! SEE? All the peices are falling into place! I'm onto you, Jacob/JB! Smilie

Halo 3

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I just redeemed my Xbox Live Gold card. For the next month, I shall be kicking ass in Halo 3. Anyone interested in playing? I don't have a mic, though.

My gamertag, of course, is Ziekerz.

Witty Blog Title

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In my last blog, I was asking people what I should buy. You guys were no help at all. Smilie

I have bought plenty of things since then. Here is a list:

A Futurama Poster
A Seinfeld Poster
A Computer Keyboard
The Orange Box for PC
Garry's Mod
A Linux Hoodie
An awesome Star Trek Collectors' watch

What do you think of my per-chase-ez?

Free Money!

Now Playing: Garry's Mod

I've run into some money recently. I am looking for something to throw it at. Quite literally, actually. I'll drive down to the company headquarters and throw the money at the president. Not really, but you get my point.

What's something awesome I can buy? Games? iTems? Nuclear weapons?

Holy Christ[mas]!

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As you may already know, I'm from America. Northern Illinois, to be exact. Chicago is but a 30 minute drive. This year I took part in the Chicagoan tradition of seeing "A Christmas Carol". It was spectacular! I have never seen a play before in my life but I assume this one will be the best I'll ever see. Wonderful effects and acting. Two seats cost $80. That's 39.1312855 British pounds. $6 for water! (2.93484641 Pounds) Besides the prices, it was a brilliant show. If anyone happens to visit America in the holiday season, check it out.

New Site

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Recently I decided to make a forum. It isn't very good. It is sure to get better, though, as I introduce it to my friends at school and whatnot. What do you think of it? Anything that needs improvement? It's just a test so don't think I meant it to be good right away.



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I was wondering, just a minute ago, how "superheroes" is spelled. Why, exactly, does it have an "e"? It doesn't make sense. You don't pronounce it "soo-per-HEEREE-oes". If you do then you are stupid.

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