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Eternal Master!

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After 3 years (feels like more to be honest) I've finally reached the milestone of 5000 posts :3

Thanks to everyone who's be awesome on here over the past 3 years =D As a note, I had totally forgotten about blogs. Anyone else think it's bad how they're hidden behind the poll?

Mass Effect Controversy

This is a bit of an offshoot from James' blog. Those of you who check kotaku and Joystiq may have seen the latest journalistic bollocks surrounding Mass Effect and it's "sex scenes" featuring "full graphic nudity". Watch this video for several minutes worth of face palming. The fact that these 2 bitches are even allowed to talk about the game is a disgrace.

What a hypocritical cow. She laughs at Geoff's face for playing Mass Effect! For Christ's sake! She even admits she hasn't played the game herself and is basing her views totally on the fact that there is a sex scene in the game. for those of you who haven't seen it, it's hardly a sex scene at all. You see a little side on nudity (as many are pointing out, tons of prime time shows show much more). The silly bitch claims it's objectifying women when you actually have to work up a relationship in game. I could go on but you shoudl watch the video yourself.

Then the strangest thing happened....EA....became gods.

I certainly didn't see this coming from EA but it's lovely of them. I really am just sick and tired of this argument of games being targetted at kids. No fucking kid is going to work through a 20 hour game for 30 seconds of side on nudity. Jesus Christ.

18 today!


So what can I do porn and buy alcohol.

.....sounds good.

Oblivion :O

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Yeah I was just bored really...started a new file. God I love being an archer.

Yes that's right, I can hack the blog list too Smilie

Ill but forcing to go to school

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Ugh, seems I haven't got better yet. I have an awful throat and a cough that is really painful in my chest, but I'm forcing myself into school Smilie

Shitty day too, detention with my German teacher afterschool like most of my class, but I can look forward to weights training this morning.

Ugh, I need to get better >_<

Bleh ill again

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Stupid ruddy school, no heating and then I do football in the snow and, no surprises, I have a really bad cold Smilie

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