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User number 1576, joined on the 6th of June 2004.

Wow it has been five years since I have joined Cubed3, such a long time. I still remember the reason why I joined Cubed3. It was around the time of e3 '04 and I was relatively new to the gaming scene on the internet. I spent quite some time trying to find decent sites which had a clean interface which a noob like me could easily navigate through as well as intellectual members whom I could ask for help. I stumbled upon Cubed3 and have never looked back. Cubed3 was the first site/forum I joined and it was where I learnt how to be a decent forum member and not a complete noob. To think I was only 13/14 when I first joined amazes me. I have grown up so much since that time. So now that I have reached the milestone of 5000 posts, earning the rank "C3 Master" (or Eternal Master if I remember the old rankings), it is a good time to give some appreciation and thanks to this site and it's contributors. So thank you to JB for making and maintain such an awesome site. Thank you to the staff who regularly update the news and those who write the reviews/previews/special articles. Thank you to the moderators who do a fine job keeping the peace in the forums. And thank you to the rest who have made C3 a great place to be. Love you all. Smilie


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and wowowow this is my first blog too, amazing.

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