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Depressed... Lonely... sad...

A random feeling of loneliness, sadness, depression for no apparent reason...
Why... Why... Why...
I'm such a messed up teen... my life's dam unlucky... Smilie me...

what do i do?
I said something wrong about a VERY VERY VERY good friend that I didnt mean. Now hes REALLY pissed with me... what do i do. i cannot lose his friendship. he thinks im not trustable anymore

~written in a hurry...

Soo much sadness...

So i asked her... and she said no.
She told me that I must move on, and must not let her keep me back...
Now im trying to forget her, but when ever i close my eyes I see her.
Why is love so harsh?
What do i do? I can't forget her and the grief overwhelms me...


So I confessed...
And it didn't go as bad as I though it would...
She still talks to me and all. But not as much. She is so mysterious. Always leaves me in the dark.... away from humanity... I'm still falling into this never ending hole. Falling, Falling, Falling, Trapped forever.



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After countless fails....
Thanks to C3 for teaching me to stick with it!
The post i am famous forlink
The website i am devoted toTDT

Some questions - w****************

Since its hpliday time I finally setup my Wii Internet.
And I found out that the Wii rocks more than I thought. News. Weather. Votes. Artisan. and a lot more.
Its so cool
But the Metroid prime channel doesn't buffer too well. I want to get the internet channelSmilie
OK quick question
If I put my memory stick pro duo into the adaptapter will it sync with the wii???


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Well the Holidays are here again and its that time of the year when I get extremely "Posty".
If anyone has noticed I have not posted a lot.
SmilieMerry Christmas!

Unreal Dreams

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Unreal Dreams
Some dreams will never come true...
Like all the posts on this website, they are just dreams not turned real but stopped half-way.

In other news
The iPod gave waySmilie

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1000 POSTS!

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How dumb, I was just beginning to like W8
Now I have to shift and get more posts
Not that I am leaving


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Well Just an announcement, I will be leaving for India for Vacation to meet my Grand Parents!Smilie
Leaving 10th so If you don't see me around don't Panic!
Also I have a New Pokemon Forum called Pokemon Wrold!
Wi-Fi Trading

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