Wii U Strategy Games

Game Name Publisher C3 Score Add
Game Details | Review | Screens
Zen Studios8/10Add CastleStorm to your collection Add CastleStorm to your wishlist
Cubemen 2Cubemen 2
Game Details | Review | Screens
Nnooo6/10Add Cubemen 2 to your collection Add Cubemen 2 to your wishlist
Falling Skies: The GameFalling Skies: The Game
Game Details | Review | Screens
Little Orbit2/10Add Falling Skies: The Game to your collection Add Falling Skies: The Game to your wishlist
Hex HeroesHex Heroes
Game Details | Screens
PrismaticAdd Hex Heroes to your collection Add Hex Heroes to your wishlist
Game Details | Screens
Coda GamesAdd Liege to your collection Add Liege to your wishlist
Lucadian ChroniclesLucadian Chronicles
Game Details | Screens
Dark RoastAdd Lucadian Chronicles to your collection Add Lucadian Chronicles to your wishlist
March of WarMarch of War
Game Details | Screens
ISOTXAdd March of War to your collection Add March of War to your wishlist
Pikmin 3Pikmin 3
Game Details | Review | Preview | Screens
Nintendo9/10Add Pikmin 3 to your collection Add Pikmin 3 to your wishlist
PixelJunk MonstersPixelJunk Monsters
Game Details | Review | Screens
Double Eleven6/10Add PixelJunk Monsters to your collection Add PixelJunk Monsters to your wishlist
Game Details | Review | Screens
Ratalaika Games4/10Add Plantera to your collection Add Plantera to your wishlist
Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIIRomance of the Three Kingdoms XII
Game Details | Screens
Tecmo KoeiAdd Romance of the Three Kingdoms XII to your collection Add Romance of the Three Kingdoms XII to your wishlist
Star Fox GuardStar Fox Guard
Game Details | Review | Screens
Nintendo7/10Add Star Fox Guard to your collection Add Star Fox Guard to your wishlist
SteamWorld HeistSteamWorld Heist
Game Details | Review | Screens
Image & Form7/10Add SteamWorld Heist to your collection Add SteamWorld Heist to your wishlist
Swords & SoldiersSwords & Soldiers
Game Details | Review | Screens
Two Tribes8/10Add Swords & Soldiers to your collection Add Swords & Soldiers to your wishlist
Swords & Soldiers IISwords & Soldiers II
Game Details | Review | Screens
Ronimo7/10Add Swords & Soldiers II to your collection Add Swords & Soldiers II to your wishlist
Totem ToppleTotem Topple
Game Details | Review | Screens
Crystalline Green4/10Add Totem Topple to your collection Add Totem Topple to your wishlist
Zombie DefenseZombie Defense
Game Details | Review | Screens
Teyon7/10Add Zombie Defense to your collection Add Zombie Defense to your wishlist

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