Ted Nugent Thrusts for Guitar Hero

By Jorge Ba-oh 18.05.2008 3

Legendary Guitarist Ted Nugent confirmed his involvement with an upcoming Guitar Hero.

Ted Nugent, also known as The Nuge and The Motor City Madman, is a legendary American guitarist and vocalist known for his role as lead guitarist for the Amboy Dukes.

According to Joystiq, Nugent revealed his likeness and movement would be mimicked on screen: 'they wanted to make sure that the cartoon dude on Guitar Hero dances and prances like Uncle Ted', with the song Strangle Hold being mentioned.

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His exact role in the game hasn't been confirmed, though it is likely he will be taking the role of a boss in Guitar Hero IV.

In related news, Kotaku have discovered a charity campaign run by Dallas Tom Leppert seeing a 24 hour Guitar Hero III marathon, hopeing to raise $625,000 for the mayor's "Igniting Opportunity for the Children of Dallas Campaign."

"I might not have hit the keys, but boy I sure got the style points," Leppert said. His personal 11-year old coach Aaron says the mayor is "good for his level".

Thanks to C3 reader echoes221 for the tips.

Box art for Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

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th3 m4n iz sc4r3 l00k3n... -shudders-

The Wandering Sword said:
th3 m4n iz sc4r3 l00k3n... -shudders-

Why are you talking like a noob?


Don't they realize how pissed off people were with that damn Lou boss battle!

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