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Ninja Gaiden DS Set for June

Ryu Hayabusa's latest adventure has been penciled in for an early June release in Europe.

Ninja Gaiden; Dragon Sword is set to be released on the same date as Okami, the 13th of June (although Nintendo's European site states the 12th, this is most likely an error since that date is on a Thursday).

Image for Ninja Gaiden DS Set for June

Thanks to Echoes221 for the tip.

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20.05.2008 21:38



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Staff Member

Wow thats only (counts fingers) three weeks and four days.

Stuart Lawrence
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NNID: Stulaw

Tis a very good game.

( Edited 20.05.2008 20:55 by Blade2t3 )

XBL Gamertag: James2t3
Senior ModeratorCubed3 Member

I did not expect this when i found out, i thought it would not be here till august. Well, im going on holiday all of august and i have 5 DS games to keep me busy!
Ninja gaiden
Guitar hero on tour
phoenix wright justice for all
phoenix wright trials and tribulations
apollo justice ace attourney
The final 3 will kill my brain! in a fun way XD

Smilie same day as MGS4 well mgs4 out on 12th so i m sorry good game or not i know what im playing that week

It's out on Friday 13th? Oooh..cursed game! Cursed game! Smilie

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Ahhh, so many good games to get in June.

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