Baten Kaitos Back on Nintendo DS?

By Adam Riley 28.05.2008 5

Bandai Namco initially had Monolith Soft working hard on a version of card-battling RPG Baten Kaitos for the Nintendo DS way back when the system was first revealed. However, after a severe lack of information, followed by a belated, and rather disastrous launch of Monolith Soft's other DS RPG in Japan, XenoSaga I & II, the game mysteriously disappeared altogether, thought to be cancelled.

The only glimmer of hope came from Cubed³'s interview with the team at Monolith back in August 2006. When speaking about the progress of the Nintendo DS edition, President of the company Hirohide Sugiura stated that his team were very willing to make the game, but its fate was in the hands of Bandai Namco. The publisher's response? "The Baten Kaitos DS project has been stopped once. Further development is currently undecided at this point."

Could it be back, though? The folk at NeoGAF noticed that on Bandai Namco's Japanese release list page the name Baten Kaitos DS once again appeared, along with an unnamed Xbox 360 project. However, both quickly disappeared again.

A mere mistake or an early slip for a near-completed game from the development team that is now owned by Nintendo, recently completed Soma Bringer for DS and is just finishing off Disaster: Day of Crisis on Wii?

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I certainly hope it's an early slip. The DS is getting bombarded with RPGs now but this is something that'd make me turn my head.

Completely forgot that a Baten Kaitos DS was in the works. Hope it does come through.


Yes please.Smilie Although don't make another prequel, I haven't even got round to Origins yet.Smilie

Hopefully a slip-up in the PR department releasing information early. Would be good to see the franchise return again!

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

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