Exclusive Star Wars for Wii and DS?

By Jorge Ba-oh 30.05.2008 13

An instruction booklet advert suggests an exclusive Star Wars game for Wii and DS.

According to IGN, the back of the LEGO Indiana Jones booklet reveals an advert for a game based on the upcoming 3D Star Wars animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Both the Wii and DS logos are present, lacking icons from neither Sony nor Microsoft.

The series debuted as a collection of shorts in 2003 and will return to screens later this year in a new 3D series and feature film.

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The game's official website, at time of writing, redirects to the Star Wars pages and will most likely become available once and if LucasArts officially confirm the game's existence.

Wii Remotes at the ready fellow jedi!

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Wiimote lightsaber please.

Is this a 3D version of that weird animated Star Wars series with mini episodes?
I hated that.

I couldn't take it seriously at all. To me, it didn't look like they could draw a face. This 3D version looks better, but still weird. The faces alone look like they hired a good animator with no style. The bodies look fine, but the heads don't fit, in my opinion.

But that's just me. I can't stand their style.

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I thought the 2D mini series had way more style than this new 3D series...
But anyway Wiimote lightsaber = fun.
I'm not too interested in these films though, so if it's not the lightsaber action we've been looking for I'll pass.

This isn't a remake of the cartoons, it has a new story. Or at least that's how I understood it.

I had to get used to the style, but it's fine now.

I forget. 3D Movie or 3D series of the cartoon? Getting an exclusive would definitely be good news. However it doesn't say good things about Nintendo's image now does it?

"Now here's this cartoon game, exclusive on Nintendo consoles! The KIDS will be so happeeee!"

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Yeah. regardless how good it is. It's cartoon and it's for kiddies. I hate that attitude.
And I hope this game's going to be great. It would do so much good to Wii. She can use it...

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

Meh, can people stop saying that the newer star wars are more kidde. As if Star Wars was ever intended for a mature audience, they are films that anyone at all levels can enjoy, I know that sounds straight out of the producers mouth, but it holds merit.

Indeed. Regardless of quality level it isnt more/less childish then it ever was.
(CloneWars is a lot less kiddy then the *previous* cartoons especialy...)

I actualy enjoyed the previous series of TheCloneWars.
Was absolutely crazy-fast paced. (3 minutes or something each eppisode).
And, really, it was as good as anything can be when its that quick.

The new CG one is going to be a more normal 20minutes each.

( Edited 30.05.2008 11:54 by Darkflame )

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I get what you mean, and a lot of Star Wars fans I know really liked the Clone Wars cartoon, but I can't see any other reason for it being a Wii/DS exclusive do you? Lucas clearly thinks Nintendo are perfect for more childish games.

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SuperLink said:
I get what you mean, and a lot of Star Wars fans I know really liked the Clone Wars cartoon, but I can\'t see any other reason for it being a Wii/DS exclusive do you? Lucas clearly thinks Nintendo are perfect for more childish games.

However, the Wii is getting its own version of Force Unleashed as well, which is the \'mature\' game. We have no idea what this game is like honestly, but the possibility of 1-to-1 lightsabre controls is still there for this one. Maybe that\'s why they chose the Wii? Plus the art style of the show fits the Wii\'s limited graphics capabilities better.

Anyway, it is a Wii-exclusive Star Wars game based on the Clone Wars - also known as the period of Star Wars history with the most cool explosions - which is enough to get me excited. I liked to Clone Wars cartoons. Don\'t know if this movie and TV series will be any good, but all we really need is a good gameplay mechanic and the story as backdrop and it\'ll be awesome.

I\'ve got my hopes up for this one anyway, though I\'m ready to have them crushed (Lucas has prepared me well for that).

( Edited 30.05.2008 14:23 by Wiill )

Coolie I LOVED the cartoon it looked ace (And was better than the prequel movies)!!! 3D though... It doesn't look too bad but not as good as the 2D cartoon.
Anyway not complaining OMFG NEW STAR WARS!!!

Oh by the way: if this is an advert coming from the booklet of a Wii game, it's not weird that only the DS and Wii versions are shown. Nintendo wouldn't allow ads for PS/XB.

So it doesn't have to mean exclusivity.

This is a movie/TV show combo, with the Movie launching the series.

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