Nintendo Working on Wii Summit & Battle Recorder?

By Adam Riley 30.05.2008 6

The latest trademarks from Japan have revealed some very interesting possible future titles. Check out the list below:


  • Wii Summit
  • Battle Recorder
  • DS Vitamin Idai Maru Shokuzen
  • Thousand Chinese Magical Sentences DS
Bandai Namco
  • Battle Universe
  • Mizu no HŰmotsu (Treasure of the Water)
Square Enix
  • Smile-Lab
  • Urban Crisis
  • Ruriiro Rinne
  • Counter-Attack of the PJ Emperor
  • Pure Hearted Showa Literature
  • Darius
  • Mel-Game
Could Nintendo be replacing the 1080 franchise with a Balance Board-controlled skiing/snowboarding title called 'Wii Summit'? Be sure to share your speculation below...

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Maybe it\'s a \"Media Summit Simulator\"! Smilie wouldn\'t put it past them with all these casual \"Wii Something\" games.

I mean lets face it, Skiing is far too extreme for the little kiddies and their parents, and that\'s all that really matters.

( Edited 30.05.2008 15:23 by SuperLink )

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If Wii Summit has Snowboarding down Mt Fuji then I am all for it. Wow, Darius!, a new Darius is great.

G Darius-

Any1 have any idea wat Battle Recorder might be???

Sounds like it might be something... not for little kids and there mom's.... na

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I was thinking a Karaoke battle game...and the Vitamin thing could be another health-focused DS title.

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Wow. Darius is very innovative. I just checked your Link, L...Linkyshinks (oh, the pun!) and this thingy is great! change of direction, up, down, diagonal way, Wiiware or Wii, please! Amazing!

( Edited 30.05.2008 16:08 by Laurelin )

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

Battle recorder?? What the heck...

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