Another Sadness Wii Image

By Jorge Ba-oh 31.05.2008 12

Yet another image from the upcoming Nibris horror for Wii has popped up.

Sadness, a survival horror project from indie developer Nibris, depicts "narcolepsy, nyctophobia and paranoid schizophrenia. The scenario will surprise you." Players follow the story of Maria, a mother protecting her narcoleptic son Alexander after their train derails in the countryside.

Image for Another Sadness Wii Image

It's still not certain whether the images are from the game itself, or are concept renders. Nibris recently confirmed Sadness would be using the Gamebryo middleware engine.

Thanks to C3 reader Jump_Button for the tip, via IGN message boards.

Box art for Sadness (Cancelled)








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Why must they tease me so???

i can't believe people still talk about this, you ALL have been punk'd.

I cant wait for this game!!!Smilie

There's been plenty of other images floating around, including both artwork and apparently some in-game models.


XBL Gamertag: James2t3

i really hope this make it fr E3 or somthing

The same bloke who unveiled that image on the Ign boards said that the official site for Sadness will go up by the end of May (ie. today), so we'll soon see if that one holds ground.Smilie

hopefully its true, coming from him i feel it might, but if it were coming from Nibris, id know id have to wait another 10 months Smilie

Blade2t3 said:


I feel I must apologize. You see, I'm partly to blame for all this. You see Nibris have been trying to udpate you all on the game, but I had quite a big kitchen revovation job needing doing...

mOojc and Blade2t3 both said:

I have to agree with you both.

mOojc and Blade2t3 and dojo all said:

I agree with you guys.

( Edited 31.05.2008 23:13 by SuperLink )

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