Liv Tyler and America Ferrera Talk DS

By Jorge Ba-oh 31.05.2008 5

A pair of videos have been released with American actresses Liv Tyler and America Ferrera promoting DS.

America Ferrera - DS Advert

Liv Tyler - Behind the scenes, Nintendo discussion

Their promotion of Nintendo and DS comes part of the I Play for Me campaign, trying to encourage girls who feel pressured into playing games to play for themselves...or something.

Thanks to Nintendo Everything.

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I've always <3'd Liv Tyler so she r0x my s0x even more now. I'd not heard of this campaign either - it's kinda nice =]

Pretty good pormotions.

Awesome, I luvz Liv. Moving to New York was a good idea I think now that they are nailing the advertising with hot women.

( Edited 31.05.2008 15:48 by Linkyshinks )

America Ferrera's smile looked way too forced...I don't know. Nicole Kidman's ad looked a lot more natural.

Never heard of the first girl.

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