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Phoenix Wright 3 Back On for Europe

An interview with Apollo Justice; Ace Attorney producer Minae Matsukawa has yielded some very useful info; Phoenix Wright 3 will make the trip to Europe shores after all.

On Nintendo's site for the Ace Attorney games, the producer is asked the following in an interview regarding Apollo Justice;

Are you aware of any plans to release Trials and Tribulations in Europe?

Actually, we're in the middle of localizing it right now. Currently, the game is in a playable state, and all that is left is to some final adjustments on the text to bring the quality up to our high standards. We're looking to announce a release date in th near future, and we thank you for waiting for the European release!

Trials and Tribulations is the third in the Phoenix Wright trilogy and the last to feature Phoenix as the main character. Many were confused that Apollo Justice, a new sub-point in the Ace Attorney franchise, would make European release before Trials and Tribulations, or indeed if that game ever would.

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Well, thank god for that. Smilie Still think it's bizarre that they released Apollo first though. And I guess most people that gave a damn have imported by now. :p

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Oh that's good. I wonder why Nintendo removed it from their site then?

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Tis good news indeed, shame i've already got it via ebay really.

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Senior ModeratorCubed3 Member

Very good news, ill still get the american version since its 12 off play asia.

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