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Unity Engine Available for Wii

Unity Technologies has brought their game engine to the Wii as a third party tool.

The company has announced that the low-cost engine, already used for desktop and browser applications, will come packed with revisions and enhancements for Wii functionality. As well as a Wii Remote scripting class, the engine aims to take advantage of the console's graphics chip with an expanded ShaderLab toolkit.

Unity has streamlined the game development process with an engine that is tuned for quickly and efficiently creating and porting games to the Wii.

Unity provides the fastest iteration time, which is crucial when a developer wants to make best use of the Wii console's innovative controllers. Developers can create rich, visually engaging 3D content through a process that is simpler and more seamless than any other tool set available -- regardless of the platform.
David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies.

Projects using Unity can be found in the company's gallery.

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Senior ModeratorCubed3 Member

The pics derived from the engine look very slick. It seems to make the graphics look phenomenally better than what 3rd parties are pumping out at the moment.

*lol* you are right: The low-cost engine, already used for desktop and browser applications looks already better then 70 % of all Wii output so far!
For that have a star, Echoes221!

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

These are used for browser applications? My looks better than most of the crap on the Wii.

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