Nintendo Admits UK Wii Fit Shortage

By Jorge Ba-oh 06.06.2008 3

Nintendo has admitted a Wii Fit shortage, with plans to continue to replenish retailers with fresh stock each week.

Speaking with industry magazine MCV, it was revealed that the sudden decline in the game's position in the All Formats Chart was due to a shortage in stock in the UK. The publisher noted that it'll try to fight the High Street shortages by "doing everything we can to replenish shortages as soon as possible. To this effect we are continuing to bring Wii Fit stock into retailers across the UK on a weekly basis."

The title has been well received in the United Kingdom, with thousand of gamers strutting their stuff since the end of April.

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What they actually mean is they are creating supply and demand to make the thing more desireable.

I understand the theory but I just can't believe that a company the size of Nintendo and with the success it has had lately would be so desperate.

They may have underestimated the demand for that region. Although I don't know who is getting too many shipments. It ain't coming to my part of Canada as the thing is still impossible to find.

Look unto me in every thought. Doubt not. Fear not.

Well UK isn't the only place. WiiFit in AUS is also in short supply.

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