Laurent Fischer: Only Geeks Want Hard Drives (Update)

By Jorge Ba-oh 15.06.2008 39

Update: In a statement to Videogaming 247, Fischer spoke on his recent outburst claiming those who wanted a hard-drive were limited to "geeks and otaku".

I have huge respect for those who, like me, share a common passion for Nintendo and want to make it clear that I would never use and I didn't use this terminology in such a context or way to cause offence.

I regret that this misunderstanding has created such offence and disappointment within the community.

Original Story: Nintendo's Laurent Fischer recently commented on the Wii system memory situation once again.

The latest issue of UK gaming magazine Edge (issue 190) reveals a cheeky comment from Nintendo of Europe's managing director of marketing. When quizzed about the lack of a Wii hard-drive and limited memory onboard, he replied that only "geeks and otaku" would be people who would need one.

How do you feel about Nintendo's continual dismissal about the Wii hard-drive situation? With a growing catalogue of WiiWare and virtual console games, it seems it would need to be addressed eventually.

Thanks to the folks at NeoGAF for the tip.

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Nintendo suck. Smilie

Thanks for insulting me.

Fucking idiots. He is going to get dressed down for making that statement. This has enraged most Wii forums I have seen today. I am now at the point where I want Nintendo to face a huge backlash once these storage issues become more prominent among the hardcore fraction of Wii owners.

A HDD should be standard if you are going to offer DLC, and aid developers to create better games that can utilize them.

Click my Blog if you want to know the full extent of what I feel about this.

( Edited 07.06.2008 14:50 by Linkyshinks )

Cut out the crap, and give me a f**king Wii Memory solution Nintendo.Smilie

I'm mixed. He's half right, but the way he's gone about saying it isn't gonna do him any favours.

They can do what they want while they're top of the tree, but if they ever lose their massive casual audience they're going to have alienated the hardcore fans who have stayed with them from the beginning.

Just release external harddrive compatability you 'tards!

Less posty, more gamey.

Sooo...he's basically saying... "The only people who want a hard drive are the people that know what they're talking about". Right? Smilie

I can imagine Reggie going out on E3 and stating, \"you all want a memory we will talk about that at the end of this conference\". And then at the end, Reggie saying \"Fuck You all, you dont need more memory and we dont need more money! Good Night!\"

EDIT: Oh, and hes calling 90% of Nintendo\'s customers geeks...not very smart.

( Edited 07.06.2008 14:22 by Demoni Rakkausenkeli )

My fellow members of C3, there is a stern chance that by the end of today, i will be going to jail...
"Honey, where'd i put my shotgun?"Smilie

Bowser. You Booz, you lose.

She's probably right.

But geeks are the ones who buy SSBB, Galaxy and Mario Kart in its millions. Not releasing a HDD would be telling them to stop buying Nintendo products.

Okay, geeks, maybe...

But otaku? Seriously? xD

Only gothic-emo-lais-visual kids pay attention to what Laurent Fischer says.

If it wasn\'t for us \"geeks\" Nintendo wouldn\'t be where they are today. It\'s people like us, the hardcoe Nintendo players, that bought every Nintendo console and every Mario and Zelda game since back in the day.

For this guy to come out and say that could be considered insulting to us. It\'s almost selfish of Nintendo not to listen to their fans. If Nintendo reps are going to come out and insult the people that put Nintendo where they are today, I find it extremely selfish and disrespectful.

But of course, even if all us \"geeks\" did say eff off to Nintendo and didn\'t buy a Nintendo product again, I doubt they would care now that they have the casual gamers under their belt. Perhaps that is their new stance now...

Nah, I know this one guy doesn\'t speak for every Nintendo employee, but if that\'s the case, he shouldn\'t be in the position he is at all. He\'s going about his job the wrong way.

( Edited 07.06.2008 16:55 by Azzy )

Nintendo of Europe suck in general, we've had nothing but poor service from them. We need a tough fecker like Reggie, not a mamby pamby pr man in charge.

I'd like one, but if it's never made than meh. I just won't use Wii's online services. The space is better used for games I physically own.

I think they made more of a riskier move when you are allowed to get onto the actual Internet with it. Mainly because Norton loves to be pushy about Viruses from the Internet.

I sold my soul to Sony for a PS3...

The reason only "geek and otaku" want one is because they're the only ones that know the problem is solvable--everyone else just grits their teeth and deals with a lousy situation. Nice try, Laurent Smilie

That was intelligent. Insult your base. The marketing departments job is to advertise. Without it hurting the company, or its image. Even a 11 year old would have been able to instantly figure out, 'these words that are on the tip of my tongue are insulting to at least 30 percent of the people on the planet never the less the people that own game consoles' but not this guy. Some times it's not the intelligence but the 'attitude towards a group of people that you just cant hide'. Flush this one before he gets you a string of bad news like Sony had nintendo!

That fucking does it! I've enough of Nintendo's unrelenting desire to alienate its core fanbase. I continue to offer my support to Nintendo as they screw me over time and time again. The only reason now that I have my Wii is because they still make games like Galaxy and Smash Bros. Other than that... Nintendo is now dead to me.
Congratz Ninty, another loyal fan lost you money-hungry bastards.

The statement is correct.
But there is a lot of geeks buying a lot of games.

Yet again though, its really down to the subset of geeks that for some reason need to have their games \"local\" vs those that dont care to spend half hour redownloading if they want to replay something.

Really, I see this whole issue as blown out of preportion. I get much more pissed by the safty messages and stupid \"brightness settings\" screens on Wii games.
On the very rare occasionaly where Id want to replay something, downloading is much less of a bother.

But thats just me. Guess people stuck on 1MB/s connection, or in the US with Capped bandwidth dont feel the same way.

\"Thanks for insulting me.\"

There is nothing wrong with being a geek.
By you taking that as an insult, you are insulting ME :p

Seriously, why take this as an insult :?

You should be proud to be geeks.
Geeks shall inhirit the earth if we havnt already.

\" Congratz Ninty, another loyal fan lost you money-hungry bastards.\"

umm...they could make a killing releasing a Nintendo branded hard drive for those that think its needed.
This isnt about money.

This is probably about Nintendos silly paranoira about either piracy or making the system too hard to use.

( Edited 07.06.2008 18:25 by Darkflame ) <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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I happen to have a 1MB/s connection. re-downloading a game everytime you want to play it is far more of a pain than its worth. With the sheer volume of quality titles available both on the Virtual console and WiiWare services not having a better method of storage is simply unacceptable.

The fact that you feel that the storage issue is not as severe as everyone makes it out to be shows that you don\'t use the Wii and its features enough to need one. Which is fair enough, but if you don\'t properly understand the annoyances of the problem then you can\'t judge the severity of it.

\"There is nothing wrong with being a geek.\"... Uh-huh, you just keep telling yourself that Smilie

And the reason I called Nintendo money-hungry is because the reason they refuse to make a solution to the memory problem is it isn\'t profitable enough. There are FAR more \'casual\' gamers who have a Wii and buy Wii Shi-Oh sorry, Wii Fit and Wii Play. Nintendo no longer cares about its loyal hardcore audience because they can make more developing new \'casual\' (read: shovelware) games then catering to the MINORITY that is their hardcore audience.

( Edited 07.06.2008 18:41 by auroreon )

I wish someone had told me I was an otaku before now. I went to to discover that I'm apparently "an avid collector or enthusiast, esp. one who is obsessed with anime, video games, or computer and rarely leaves home."

Yeah, no sweeping generalizations there, Nintendo...

TAG: That American Guy

"If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone." Romans 12:18

Build a bridge and get the fuck over it! WE ARE GEEKS, the fact ye are getting so bitchy over the whole suitation makes it even more obvious.

Nintendo taking another step away from their hardcore fans

lol. I hope they didn't mean that in an offensive way.

Way to go Nintendo, you just insulted all of your programmers and a large portion of your audience. Smilie

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

Well, he pretty much insulted at least half of the Wii's fanbase, fucking twat. If he's going to have that attitude when asked that question, why is he a representative of Nintendo?

Why are you complaining? He meant it offensive and I snap at him for doing it.
But Nintendo made a lot of money not from geeks but from normal people, from mommy and daddy.
But they become geeks, too and we geeks buy all the VC games, because we geeks think about the past and want to replay it. So he should recognize us geeks complaining for a solution to the missing space we have here. And we do so in the only one way we know: cry for USB harddrives, which act like a second memory, where you can access channels and games directly. Not via SD-card where you can store a backup.

In Japan companies are doing things for them Otakus. In Europe they just get insulted. This European is so evil retarded and he should listen to NoA or NoJ. I want him to, because I am a European, dammit...

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

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