Alex Kidd Hits Wii on Euro Virtual Console, No WiiWare

By Adam Riley 13.06.2008 9

Nintendo Europe has updated with some new Virtual Console games...but nothing for WiiWare:

Head back to the 80's this week as the SEGA MASTER SYSTEM classic, Alex Kidd in Miracle World hits Virtual Console. Take on the role of Alex Kidd in this bright and colourful platformer as you set off in search of your kidnapped brother, Egle. Pitted against monsters and the villainous henchmen of the notorious Janken the Great; run, swim and punch your way through 16 action-packed levels to see the safe return of your brother. Available to download now, get your hands on Alex Kidd in Miracle World today for 500 Wii Points.

Next up this week comes the Commodore 64 classic Nebulus. Investigate strange goings-on on the Planet Nebulus as someone or something has built huge towers on the sea floor. Head out in your submarine to all eight of the mysterious towers and navigate your way to the top of each to defuse the evil threat within. Probably one of the most outstanding games from classic software house, Hewson, in 1987, Nebulus can be downloaded now for 500 Wii Points.

Get set for the ultimate action adventure next as the Commodore 64 classic, Last Ninja 2, hits Virtual Console. Blending a mixture of exploration, puzzle solving and combat, get ready to learn the way of the ninja! In this sequel to the popular C64 original, the heroic Armakuni follows his arch-enemy, the evil Shogun Kunitoki, through time to Manhattan of 1988. Challenge your nemesis within the urban jungle and defeat him with your ninja skills. Available to download now, Last Ninja 2 can be yours for 500 Wii Points.

Prepare for battle next as the groundbreaking second instalment in SNK's wildly popular NEOGEO fighting game series, Fatal Fury, smashes its way onto Virtual Console. Fatal Fury 2 sees Terry, Andy and Joe reprise their roles from the first title, with another five challengers stepping into the limelight to battle it out for the coveted championship title. Also introducing a novel addition to the health system that sees players able to unleash a last resort desperation technique when their health has fallen to a certain level, Final Fury 2 will sort the winners from the losers! Featuring revolutionary gameplay features, colourful graphics and an engaging soundtrack, download and enjoy Fatal Fury 2 today for 900 Wii Points.

Finally this week on Virtual Console, get ready for some high-octane side-scrolling combat action with the NEOGEO classic Ninja Combat. Hurled into the fray as a deadly ninja living in the near future, your mission is to assault the foreboding Ninja Tower, home of the evil clan of rival ninjas known as Kage Ichizoku. Players must master close combat techniques such as kicks, punches and jumps to deliver devastating blows to enemies and carve a path to Ninja Tower to defeat your rivals. With warriors such as Musashi, Kagero and Gembu at your side, and available for a friend to play in co-operative mode, undertake the ultimate ninja challenge as Ninja Combat becomes available to download today for 900 Wii Points.

Virtual Console offers users the ultimate retro gaming experience. This week's titles join the list of 223 classic titles already available for Virtual Console in Europe.

But why no WiiWare releases?

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My first game! Woo hoo! Smilie

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Excellent news, Alex Kidd was a really nice, little platformer. I've only played a small bit of it though, on a friends Master System. It was great fun though. Smilie

It's shame that there are no new Wiiware games though.

My lil bro first game I reckon, he would have got it with the MS. I remember the Jan-ken-pon.

Yay! Finally! Smilie Automatic download for me! (Alex Kidd that is)

( Edited 13.06.2008 11:49 by iFrit yoyo )

Hmm, maybe they're having localisation issues with WiiWare or something. Smilie

Get Nebulus, Guys! It's absolutely fabulous. I didn't pass the third tower, but it's great!

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

Meh, I expected a slow start for WiiWare but pretty sure it will definitely pick up after a while.

Have Europe even got Defend your Castle yet? Had points for that lined up for launch only to find it not there.

Oh well, the 500 points have been spent on Alex Kidd instead.Smilie

Boy does that bring back memories Smilie

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