Ex-Rockstar Devs Announce Wii Move for WiiWare

By Jorge Ba-oh 15.06.2008 9

Past Rockstar and EA developers have announced a WiiWare download project supporting the balance board: Wii Move.

According to CVG, the small 7-man team, made up of members who previously worked for Rockstar North and EA Canada, is aiming to produce a unique take Wii balance board after the recent influx of Wii Fit clones.

Wii Move is the first Project from PheroseSoft…
…The game looks to put an unexpected slant on the Wii Balance Board. Look for Wii Move to hit the download service in quarter four 08.

A promotional video recently emerged on YouTube with no details and some bizarre animation, however has now been confirmed as the project in development from PheroseSoft.


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Fuck the balance board. Just release GTA 1/2 on VC.

Its fucking free to download from their site!

I think I speak for all people when I say WTF!?!?!?!?

Interesting I guess.Smilie

Are third parties allowed to use 'Wii' in their game titles?

And that animation is weird. And wrong.

Her tits bounce, this will be a mature title

Obvious piss take of the Wii Fit models I would've thought...

Rockstar+EA? I think I'd probably rather shoot off my kneecaps than play whatever this is then. Smilie

The animation initially looked crap. Then I wanted to assume it was kinda tongue in cheek. Looks odd Smilie

That animation is just too creepy... especially with bouncing jugs...

I sold my soul to Sony for a PS3...

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