Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09

By Jorge Ba-oh 24.06.2008 3

Sports games on Wii have been a mixed affair – there's been the fun but sometimes limited Wii Sports, third party efforts from Tecmo and EA that whilst taking the concept further have had some dodgy controls at times. EA have rethought the idea of golfing on Wii and aim to have one-to-one movement with Tiger and co – draw and fade have been implemented for a more realistic and natural feel to scoring those essential shots.

The game also supports four player simultaneous online-play along with a simplified party mode for a more relaxed feel whilst also retaining the normal and advanced settings for players wanting to take it further.

Box art for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 All-Play

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It's looking a lot better, crisp clear bright colours and nice menu selections. Hopefully the gameplay will be on par with the visuals.

I got the first Tiger on Wii, it was a very sad affair, I sold it and bought the 360 game soon after. Looking at this now I think I could be content with only the Wii version if the gameplay and controls have been tweaked well. Putting has to be a improvement over the last two.

Looks and definitely sounds a lot better! Good to see more effort going into the Wii version - should hopefully be the golf game to get for the system.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

I thinks this all play thing could actually be good.

The visuals are much better than last year and the motion sensing seems to have improve.

Will there be Wi-fi 9-18 hole games?

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