Nintendo of America Top Spin 3 Launch Event

By Jorge Ba-oh 25.06.2008

Nintendo of America have confirmed an official launch event for Tennis sim Top Spin 3 in the World Store this weekend.

  • What: Top Spin 3 Wii Launch event.
  • When: Saturday 28th June 2008.
  • Where: Nintendo World Store, New York.
  • Join us as we hit the court with Top Spin 3 for Wii! Play as your favorite tennis star and compete at some of the most famous tennis tournaments, or compete against a friend in a singles match! We'll see you on the court!

    Top Spin 3 is the latest in 2K Sport's tennis line featuring refined controls, real-time weather effects, a cast of new and old stars and unique motion controls for Wii.

    The game arrives in US stores on June 23, 2008, a week after the European release in time for Wimbledon.

    Box art for Top Spin 3

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