Sonic Receives his own Festival

By Jorge Ba-oh 27.06.2008 3

Sega and online Sonic communities have come together for a unique London festival celebrating the world of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Bored of conventions with booth after booth of guns and the latest super realistic racer? Highly regarded online Sonic community The Sonic Stadium have teamed up with Sega Europe to make Summer of Sonic a reality. The free event aims to honour the blue wonder on 9th August 2008 in the Dragon Hall in Covent Garden, London. Attendees can play through classic Sonic outings, more recent games and even sample some of Sega's forthcoming projects.

Amongst the games there'll be competitions, goodies, merchandise and other Sonic/Sega themed goodies to enjoy throughout the day.

For more information be sure to check out the official Summer of Sonic website.

Thanks to GoNintendo for the tip.

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London? Damn, I'd love to attend this. Smilie

The last Summer of Sonic was a bit hit. It was in 2006 sometime I think. There were promotional websites and competitions and everything.

Back then I didn't actually know it was an event, I just thought The Sonic Stadium were planning to upload loads of media. Smilie

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Man! Would love to go to this! Not sure if I can though as will probably be on holiday Smilie

Back then I didn\'t actually know it was an event, I just thought The Sonic Stadium were planning to upload loads of media.

Pretty sure it was online-only then, this year they\'ve teamed up with Sega to make it all official/public.

( Edited 27.06.2008 11:15 by jb )

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