New DS Colours Boost Sales in the UK

By Jorge Ba-oh 27.06.2008 8

The recent release of new DS colour variations and download canters across retailers in the UK have had massive success, according to Nintendo UK.

Speaking to industry magazine MCV, the UK division seemed overly positive with the console's performance since launching the colour threesome last week.

Red, Green and Turquoise DS models hit stores on June 20th, as well as new DS download stations in selected high-street stores with downloads and demos held temporarily in memory.

With these DS centres, anyone can download a demo to their DS and try them first hand for themselves. And by putting the DS into sleep mode, they can take the demo away to show friends and family.

As far as we know, nothing like this has been done at retail in the UK before. We're looking closely at the reaction from consumers and seeing what the uptake and interest is like.

As the DS continues to become part of people's everyday lifestyles, we wanted to offer the console in more colours to appeal to a greater range of people too. Some people might fancy a change and want to make a statement with some of the new strong colours Ė it's really about giving people a choice.

It was also highlighted that further DS colours are currently not on the cards.

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That\'s interesting and a shame. I would love to get my hands on one of those platinum ones (silver or black), my hope was that they may retail them eventually.

\"it's really about giving people a choice\"

I would like more choice as far as quality games!

The DS really needs a good influx of games right now, I hope we see many from Nintendo and others at E3. I get the feeling Sony will be showering the PSP with their own titles as well as many third parties showing some top end games. Nintendo DS has to follow suit otherwise that new handheld cannot come soon enough.

The odd great game does pop up, but it seems to be popping up in a market that feels stagnant because only a feeble amount are pushing the tech. No more Ninja Gaiden DS ever again is a big shame, and Moon is far from finished.

( Edited 27.06.2008 12:08 by Linkyshinks )

There's still a fair few first/third party DS games on the way this summer: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Guitar Hero: On Tour, FFIV, Bangai-O Spirits, Race Driver: GRID, Civilisation Revolution, Spore Creatures etc, but I do agree that there needs to be a lot more from Nintendo especially.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

The colours we got suck compared to thoose lush plantinum DSs' that the Japanese got, I hope they get launched here, at a reasonable price and not the origional launch price.

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Those are some good games, but I am only interested in GH and Bangai O. Bangai looks great, and has some very cool functionality. I love the way you can share levels via sound files over the net or by pressing a DS on top of another.

A US friend got GH DS last week and she loves it. I will definitely be picking that up even though I know I wont be happy about the price. It costs $50 in the US, I bet it will cost £50 here.

The others are not games I see has being good handheld games, well perhaps Spore Creatures may be, but I have not seen enough, only a few pics which don\'t look all that great.

I will be getting Spore on PC and I already have GRID on PC also.

If you have no other option GRID on the DS may well be a great buy if you are looking for a serious DS racer. I cannot see Spore Creatures being that if you own a Wii, you are much better off waiting till the Wii version of Spore comes out in Q2. I really think Wii and Spore suit it each other very well, that creature creator and everything else could control very well on Wii, the only issue I see is that EA will have to spend a lot of time money and effort on the servers.

Nintendo really seem to have shunned the DS lately, they had better address that with some games.

This game looks pretty awesome but while it has no western release confirmed it means nothing -

( Edited 27.06.2008 13:20 by Linkyshinks )

Mm, I'm really hoping that rumour of NewSMB 2 is true. I'd love another NSMB, possibly a bit more of a challenge this time though. Smilie

Those colours are cool, the platinum jp ones were cooler, and I'll be sticking with my white DSL anyway.

I luv that green DS.

DS colour boost!? Man, i am going to need to fly over there to get it. Even better, shipping so i can get what i order.

Sifu Avenger said: Hey, as long as you know all my shadow attacks! (Laughing) Hero Natliusx said: I once died, I also once was reborn to give all my souls to live. (Clenched his hands)

[ I'll be sticking with my white DSL anyway.

Thats your condom DSL. Smilie

Sifu Avenger said: Hey, as long as you know all my shadow attacks! (Laughing) Hero Natliusx said: I once died, I also once was reborn to give all my souls to live. (Clenched his hands)

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