Another Teaser from Nintendo Power

By Shane Jury 27.06.2008 50

The recent issue of US Magazine Nintendo Power has a new teaser image on the back page. Something we know about already, or something new entirely?

The magazine issue, which has recently revealed to the world Mega Man 9 and Castlevania Judgment, has the following image of a glowing sword, and some interesting comments;

Image for Another Teaser from Nintendo Power

Image for Another Teaser from Nintendo Power

What could this be? Something new to tie-in with the upcoming E3 Expo? Or something we already are aware of, like Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia from the last teaser N.P used?

Have your say on this news below.

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hmm first thoughts were zelda, lol. but why does it say september 2008?

OK so that's Kingdom Hearts and Mother 3 crossed off the list Smilie 5million games series' left to go

Holy shit Smash Bros 4! Smilie

I BET it's the new Zelda. *sigh*

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Actraiser Wii?, King Arthur? :/

A Capcom game that has a character that brandishes a sword? Smilie I think it might have something to do with the Capcom Wii project they are yet to reveal.

Hoping for Zelda!Smilie

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

hmm first thoughts were zelda, lol. but why does it say september 2008?

I think that Magazines are always a month ahead with dates, and the next one must be at the start of August. My theory anyway.

As for the game, Kingdom Hearts III seems a little too obvious if they\'re trying to be coy about it. King Story announced for US Localization (like Tales of Symphonia 2 was) is my bet.

( Edited 27.06.2008 13:27 by Phoenixus )

Damn it, I want Mother 3. Hell, I'd like Mother 2.

@irfman All magazines are about a month or two ahead. Not just gaming ones but anything monthly.

This looks like a good secret. I wish more publishers and devs would release secrets like this. I know it's much harder to do this with the internet and all but this kind of stuff gets people talking.

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Well the hilt of the master sword is different from thd sword shown on the pic so it could anything.

Why would that be Kingdom Hearts 3? Thats a ps3 thing methinks (opinion) and that sword, I have played the others to death, and it is not in it. Im guessing an entriely new series and that sword IS NOT Zelda!

My pictures wont appear so heres a smiley

If it were Zelda, I think they wouldn't want to make it to obvious - if it were an image of the master sword everyone would know it right away, probably want to keep some kind of mystery/guessing game.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Doesn't look like the mastersword.

The sword, the king, and "lot of heart" make me think Zelda.

Fire Emblem?

Only the very last reply is the one I was looking for XD Glad someone thought of it... But yeah... The sword does look very Fire Emblem-y, and the Fire Emblem games are always about royalty... Fit for a King? Makes sense...

Then again, we've just HAD a Wii Fire Emblem, and the one on the DS has already been announced... Unless it's just a bunch of info, screens and release date for the DS one. We've not really seen much yet...

I personally think the style of the sword, along with the fact that it seems to be half-buried in some sort of... Stone perhaps, suggests it might be something to do with Arthur of the King variety. But I can't see why that would be big news...

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Zelda...obviously. Just look at the sword.

Jacob4000 said:
Fire Emblem?

That's true - the angle/size looks like the SSBM icon for Ike/Marth.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Who else has just lost faith in Nintendo Power's "teasers"?

Fire Emblem DS, Little King Story, Kingdom Hearts 365/3 (or whatever it's name is), Final Fantasy CC: The Chrystal Bearers.

Mmm, wait...a Chrono Trigger remake?

Ok, I give up. Last time it was just confirmation of Castlevania DS...

EdEN said:

Mmm, wait...a Chrono Trigger remake?

That would be the best thing...ever. For Wii, even better.!

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

I would love to think that it's a new FE game (new as in completely rebuilt from the ground up), but Radiant Dawn has only been out for a short time. Maybe Chrono Trigger, like others have said?

Then again, it could be the proper FF:CC game we saw at E3 a few years ago..

Not a Zelda....Not a FF.....

I think Its somthing that no one will guess, so thiers no point and saying "It could be...." anyway thats my say-so

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something porbably(yep... porbably) unrelated to the sword at all...

( Edited 27.06.2008 20:54 by Dritttoolegit )

Well maybe it is Zelda and its being taken in a different direction seeing as that is what everyone wants to happen.

Just a thought.

That wasn\'t funny! Smilie

It would be interesting if after they said that is isn\'t Mother3, it would be.

( Edited 27.06.2008 21:28 by edracon )

Well that sword resembles the the choice of the Mage's staff, Knight's sheild and the King's sword from Kingdom Hearts...So yeah why not? Plus the could just save time and port the KH2 engine over to the Wii and spruce it up abit et voila Kingdom Hearts 3: Keyblade Wars or whatever.

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