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Tales of Symphonia Wii Starts Strong in Japan

By Adam Riley 29.06.2008 9

The latest first day sales from Japan are in thanks to blogger sinobi and it appears that Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World has started strong. Whether or not it automatically claims the No.1 spot in Japan next week, though, is another matter, since SEGA's Derby Stallion DS has sold just as much on its first day. Also of note is the impressive start for Band Brothers DX and the moderate first day sales of Disgaea DS.

Check out the full list of first day sales below:

  • Derby Stallion (NDS) - 120,000
  • Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (Wii) - 120,000
  • Band Brothers DX (NDS) - 70,000
  • Evangelion (PS2) - 30,000
  • Higurashi (NDS) - 22,000
  • Ken to Mahou to Gakuen Mono (PSP) - 17,000
  • Gundam Operation Troy (360) - 20,000
  • Basara X (PS2) - 16,000
  • Bleach 3rd (DS) - 14,000
  • King of Fighters '98 (PS2) - 13,000
  • Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (NDS) - 11,000
  • Battlefield BC (360) - 9,000
  • The Tower (NDS) - 4,000
  • Winning Post 6 (PSP) - 3,000
This figure for Tales of Symphonia's successor is apparently a 70% sell-through of the initial stock sent out to retailers. In comparison, Tales of Symphonia on the GameCube sold about 184,000 units in its first whole week, representing about 60% of its stock, whilst the PS2 edition sold an impressive 293,000 in its first week, but obviously on a far larger user-base. Disgaea on DS may seem low given how strong the franchise is, but the PlayStation Portable port of the original title was only released at the end of 2006, opening with ~21,000 for its first week and tapping out at around 40,000 in total. So considering how this is technically inferior to the two previous editions and it was a niche genre anyway, Nippon Ichi must be pleased with the result so far.

Derby Stallion is well on track to become the strongest handheld outing so far, with the previous version on GBA selling 90,000 lifetime and the PSP edition ending up at 121,000 overall. This is tracking closer to the final PlayStation 2 iteration, which sold a stonking 306,000 in week one and went on to sell through 604,000 copies. Another hit for SEGA then! Band Brothers DX is a fantastic start, showing that after the success of Ouendan's sequel, rhythm/music games are much more popular now than back when the DS launched (the original reached around the 70,000 after a whole month!). This DS sequel should easily pass its predecessor's 160,000 lifetime total. Following this, as well, things should be huge for Rhythm Tengoku Gold in July...Finally, The Tower DS selling just 4,000 on its first day may look like a complete disaster for Yoot Saito and his team at Vivarium (the guy's behind Odama on GameCube and the idea to include a speaker in the Wii controller), yet given the past sales of The Tower series (the first PC edition became SimTower in the West) has been quite poor to say the least. Given how The Tower SP on GBA sold 15,000 in its first two weeks, and this is an upgrade of that, and still came to the US despite low sales, chances are probably high for a translation whatever happens.

Stick around for next week's full Japanese chart updates...

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I remember reading the week Tales of Symphonia came out, the Gamecube was the best selling hardware for the first and only time that week in Japan.

^^ better then what i was thinking it do so all in all good start

I really, really want Tales to be top in it's first week.

Regardless if it does or not, I'm betting it will sell more thhan Vesperia...

Not bad I guess.

I'll laugh if it really does outsell Vesperia overall, even though I'll be getting both. Smilie

In Japan it definitely will, since the biggest selling RPG on 360 there is Blue Dragon, with about 200,000 units...In the US it might as well, since the Tales series has never done that well there, other than Symphonia on GC.

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

Oh thank god...I would have been so sad if this bombed.

I hope it does well, looking forward to this game, if it ever comes out in Europe that is...

Solids starts for ToS2 and Disgaea DS.

Yay! I love ToS on Cube. I hope it stays on top, it deserves it. The way ToS Wii intertwines with ToS GC is cleverly done - not entirely new, but I think it does it good.
I want this game out here in Europe - and in US, too, since I hope it does better then the other Tales-games!

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

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